'Knowing' Chapter


Reality is already shifting, and 2012 will just be a benchmark, the incidence of “indigo children” is increasing. It might not compose a whole generation at any point, but the impact will still be there. They are an adaptation of human nature that has yet to stabilize. The new energy of consciousness will spread to succeeding generations and their social impact will destabilize now rigor-mortis ridden thinking.

Science is making some critical forays into experiments that will break their own paradigm. Progressive research into the structure of matter and the grand unified field theory, especially faster than light particles like tachyons and the neutralizing effect of dark matter. The Gaia consciousness itself is rapidly reaching a catharsis. We are entering an echelon for an old trend but as with all death literal and figurative, life can and will go on.

As much as many would like it to be, 2012 isn’t the omega point though it is an important milestone. It will mark the end of the “feral” stage of human development, but it isn’t a paradisiacal freedom from all that is reviled in this era. If anything it will get worse before it gets better as people knowingly make decisions that in the past just seemed dictated by their environment. In the past the force of societal conditioning had an almost total hold on human consciousness, we are moving out of that phase. The necessity to adapt to the earth changes will guide human consciousness in the new phase. We don’t exist in a quiet little psychic cell.

“Experience is the only prophecy of wise men.” Alphonse de Lamartine


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What is Original Sin?

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Mind and Hypnosis

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Money is Thinking

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Mystery In Life

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