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Identification of form. Form arises from spirit. Not spirit from form.

Mind and Hypnosis in Knowing


Everyone is insane to some extent, and without an awareness of that “potential” insanity, then people do unconscious things. Entropy affects everything. Order can be destructive. Chaos can be constructive.

Does our subconscious control our conscious? No. The subconscious and conscious stem from a root awareness, but the subconscious is not divided against itself. It is more holistic, thus less distorted. It appears to have more power because it’s more direct. But all power, conscious or subconscious, stems from beyond the “function” of the mind. We just orient on function because it gives us something to look at.

Multiple personalities might suggest that the subconscious can be divided against itself? Actually, that’s the conscious divided. Different states of consciousness co-opt portions of the minds resources. Carving little parts for themselves. The subconscious is the source of unity. This is why in hypnosis they cannot use negative suggestion. If they say you will not smoke, the subconscious understands “I” and “will” and “smoke“. The negative suggestion would not only fail to help, but would likely make things worse. Generalize the impulse even.

The subconscious is a store house, too. It never forgets. Sometimes it doesn’t retrieve something easily or gets damaged, but it never forgets.

What if one has never been and seems not to be able to be hypnotized? That is actually fictitious. The idea is that the hypnotherpist does something to you and that they can fail to do it. In fact, they only guide and people use autosuggestion all the time. It’s called worry. At first you just entertain a vague notion that something is true. Then the idea occurs to you again. As a process of free associative thought maybe, and it seems more clear, more real. Then you find it seems to be part of a pattern. Gets your attention. The mind makes these patterns all on its own. So though that is true, it still instinctively seems more real. This goes on until it can even become an obsession and that vague notion has changed your whole life.

Psychosis is neurosis to a crippling degree and nothing more. It is sort of tripping over your own mind. Some people have a better grip on their mind and thought. It would usually be classified as schizoid personality. But in fact, they could enter trance more deeply, if they can get past compulsive analysis.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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