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You can’t trust another till you trust yourself, because if you don’t trust yourself then how do you know who’s trustworthy?

What is Original Sin? in Knowing


What do you think was REALLY meant by the concept of “Original Sin”? The symbolism of the Tower of Babel, and the concept of the original sin are one and the same. A separation of reason from intuition, of language from the collective. The perception of the mind and soul as fictional or as entirely subjective phenomenon. The butchering of the human mind. Heuristic knowledge achieving dominance. The idea of mind as being mine. Ego. The artifice of thought rather than the natural movement of consciousness.

Everyone has an ego. Ego isn’t a sin. It’s a trait? No, everyone has a self. Misidentification is the issue. Ego = idea of self. Definition. Inherently limited and limiting. It isn’t the nature of the human mind that is at fault, it’s denial of that nature. The sublimation and thus abdication of personal responsibility.

Understanding, deepest understanding, comes when the object of attention and the mind are one. The self or soul is like an inner sun. Or rather perhaps more like the original mass before the big bang, infinite. You only surprise yourself when you misidentify yourself.

How does someone who is paying attention prioritize one’s activities in today’s crazy world? There is only one way. According to inner nature. Instinct. The deepest movements of the spirit must be given pre-eminence. We have an epidemic of mental illness because we abuse the self and call it strength. Compassion is an instinct. To seek peace. To seek love. Not to obtain. The dynamic. Nothing is obtainable. All that is true is perpetual. It isn’t not here but can be brought here. It’s an understanding. These things form a framework, a growing pattern. Self sustaining.

What is the best path or following or method to achieve this? All paths lead to the all encompassing. What is best is the expression of the individual. We are meant to actualize self. In meditation you confront self. In stilling the artificial mind you see the awareness that came before.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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