Sometimes, even when we have power, we shouldn’t express it. Other times when we are powerless in the face of the worlds spinning, we should add our force to its momentum.

the gods in Religion


The energy of the universe is marvellous, but Shivas dance is divisionary. Kali is the uniter. She dances too. The great mother is compassionate whether people like it or not. Perhaps the ultimate “kindly one” and like Isis she is the source of rebirth. Where our lord Shiva treads upon demons and is their king. The gods live in the collective soul of humanity and endure through many incarnations.

Humanities gods are angry. Aries rules much at this point.¬†God as a dynamic, and god manifested are rather different. Both can be spoken of to valuable insight. In fact, the spirits use humanities gods as personas in incarnation. So in fact, Anubis is like an office, as is Osiris, and Set. There is a spirit behind all that exists. Creation itself exists due to this “spirit” that has gone by many names. Not separate or outside of us, and us needs to be broadened. The universe is wide. It is a very big “us”.

The greatest failure of mankind is the failure to see the kinship they call oneness. God is right here, and beyond us too. God is huge. In all phases of incarnation.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Bashir Bomai

    Ok.I would say that Mystics through the ages have understood the “Unity” of the God-Head.In the Qur’an,this is wrapped entirely within the Book.Certain insights are beyond words or the expression of words.Whoever is assisting the traveller always emphasises that the “awareness” is not a thing but some have described it as an “event”.The Seeker haven arrived at his destination.The Prophet Muhammad,in a discourse with Gabriel,asked this question:”Where is God?The Angel then said -Tell them that I(ie God)am closer to them than their carotid arteries”!

  2. Nikhil Manna

    Shiva’s dance is destruction. Shiva’s role is not to dance….only finally when it is needed. He also has other roles…he is also Visnu the one who maintains the Universe…the female deities are not considered so much. Krishna the human form of Visnu has been worshipped as Supreme personality of God-Head. For the Vedics there is only One God…the female deities or Durgas…play a minor role…they are powerful….loving…but not as powerful as Jesus…that’s only based on my personal meditations…the love and brilliance or Jesus is incredible…Shiva who appeared to me in a sacred ritual called Abishek…is REALLY IMPOSING…not full of love but full of so much reality…he destroys demons…there was a snake around a shivling(holy stone) in my vision Shiva appeared and that snake became a worm….Shiva is Reality…demons are illusion…exhilarating experience…

  3. Nikhil Manna

    I meant Shiva is not mainly Love…Shiv Shankar is the name of the human aspect of Shiva who is considered the One God…Shiva is loving but not mainly Love…I don’t want to do a blasphemy to my own religion lol

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