'Religion' Chapter


My own view of ‘isms’ is that if you are looking for “self” in an ism then it’s an encumbrance. They are no substitute for experience of the true self. But like words they can be stepping stones, useful tools. We all live a life where we are faced with things we don’t really understand, and we have an all consuming question that even the least reflective people still think of to some degree. The question can be shortened down to “Why?”

Religion is so inherent to the human mind and human nature that mental health professionals had to revise their definition of mental illness. They revised psychosis to mean anyone who experiences involuntary ideation and perception not in keeping with the social norm of their community and that causes them practical and social dysfunction. If your perceptions and ideas are viewed as socially acceptable and don’t impair your ability to take care of yourself and remain healthy, it’s religion.

“I urge you to try and understand — for everybody to understand what each other’s religion is so we can live in harmony with each other.” Khalid Iqbal

“The main object of religion is not to get a man into heaven, but to get heaven into him” Thomas Hardy (British Novelist and Poet 1840-1928)

the gods

The energy of the universe is marvellous, but Shivas dance is divisionary. Kali is the uniter. She dances too. The great mother is compassionate whether people like it or not. Perhaps the ultimate “kindly one” and like Isis she is… Seek More

Form of Faith

What’s my religion, if I have one? Officially I don’t, or perhaps in the strictest sense of the word religion I do. I adopt a Gnostic view and see the spirit and the universe as one, however you choose to… Seek More

Personal Experience and Belief

We are overconfident of human independence. Even modern psychological research suggest that it’s a half truth at best.  Then you could delve rationalistically into why that is and why we have what subconscious influences that we do. Does that invalidate spiritual experience… Seek More

Documented Record for Ancient Lore

Literacy is interesting. Previously the only sanctioned literacy was of the priesthood, and only of the sacred texts. The word “talisman” was a reference to magicians marks, or to make marks like a magician. Tally was to make marks on… Seek More


There are so many ‘isms’ in this world (Communism, Islamism, Anarchism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, etc.). I think that those limit our awareness, and freedom? My own view of ‘isms’ is that if you are looking for “self” in an ism… Seek More


The hermit can be considered strongly individualistic. They tend to develop serious aberrations as well, unless they went into hermitage with a discipline, with a focus, a reason why. Do Americans have this purpose for isolation? The wife beater likes… Seek More

Old Lore

Before the world was made there were two factions of spirits in a state of chaos. You will find this in all of the ancient creation myths. One faction was in some way divinely inspired and beneficent, and they began… Seek More

Exploring Religion

One World, Many Paths holds spirituality discussions in the virtual world of Second Life. Join us there to meet like minds and explore your path. ~~~~~ I’m an atheist, but I find religion very interesting. Especially mysticism, druidism, Wicca. It… Seek More

Truth and Lies

Rosicrucianism is a pseudo-gnostic school with a lot of obtuse arguments regarding the nature of human progress and spiritual advancement. The Rosicrucian movement can be argued to be a hoax similar to the supposed Illuminati. There isn’t a lot to… Seek More

Practice Of Religion

Religion is from the Latin world religio, which was their word for practice of any kind. Legal is also a word that comes from the same root. It’s hard to name one body of beliefs (well, it’s really impossible), and… Seek More