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There is plenty of violence for all the anti-violence, which is just more violence.

Truth and Lies in Religion


Rosicrucianism is a pseudo-gnostic school with a lot of obtuse arguments regarding the nature of human progress and spiritual advancement. The Rosicrucian movement can be argued to be a hoax similar to the supposed Illuminati. There isn’t a lot to say about it of any coherence.

What constitutes a hoax? Incoherence. Same as what constitutes a lie as opposed to a delusion.

What constitutes a lie vs. delusion? A lie is a deliberate inconsistency. A delusion is an incompletely considered perception. Lies can contain a great deal of truth. Delusions tend to be dead ends.

The scriptures seem very dualistic. On one hand, a message of peace and hope. On the other hand, rigid warnings of eternal damnation. At many points Christ seems like two entirely different people. The writings that constitute the contemporary Bible were not originally a single text, and Gnostic interpretation supports that conclusion.

I chose to temper my beliefs based on experience. A precept I myself cling to whole heartedly.

The Gnostic interpretations filled in many things for me. In my experience, I found the peaceful and tolerant messages felt right and were effective in my life, while the rigid ones only made me and others miserable. The Gnostic creative cycle and the Cabalistic creative cycles parallel each other pretty closely. There are two core principles put forth in the teachings of Jesus. One is that the truth will set you free. So rigidity is anti-truth according to that principle, and the other is that the word of God is written on the human heart, and that even the stones would praise God if there were no human minds to think on him.

The concept of material reality and creation reaffirming the way of “God” (in whatever sense you conceive of the divine) is actually cross cultural. That the problem with human experience of reality is not in the reality independently, but in human conceptual shortcomings. But we do need to start from where we are if we are ever to grow or progress on any path. It can be argued that “God’s will” is the actualization of human potential, and not just human potential, but a reconciliation of this world with all the rest of creation, which by definition cannot be achieved by any striving or “strife.”

Each individual is like a drop in a stream. We can flow with the current and see where it leads, or waste our energy fighting it and get there tired and distorted. But even the struggle can be considered an offering to the over all flow.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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