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To the degree that you defer to the wisdom of this life that brought someone so amazing as you into being, accept that you are meant to be, and feel, and have desires, and take actions according to the dictates of your heart.

Exploring Religion in Religion


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I’m an atheist, but I find religion very interesting. Especially mysticism, druidism, Wicca.

It is, yes. There are so many beliefs that have shaped our world even when we don’t know it.

I’m an atheist by principle, really. An agnostic by definition. I feel I should make the point that it’s possible to be a good person without religion.


Wicca is a pagan religion based on Celtic Druidism founded in the 1950’s by Gerald Gardner. The Druids were the priests of the ancient Celts in their pagan-based religion. The Celts, now there’s an interesting bunch. The women were warriors. They would run screaming toward Roman soldiers, naked, wielding swords and the Romans would turn and run. Course, the Romans were about 5’5, and the Celtic women were about 5’10.

Were wise to turn and run. Very wise.

A Celtic queen was once capture by Roman soldiers and raped. Upon her release, she cut one of their heads off with her sword. Clean off.

Takes determination.

Unfortunately, a lot of what we know about Celtic history is still colored by Roman lies.

Yes. Truer would be what remains of the Bardic epics.

Oh, the epics. I was an English major before I realized history’s my path. Beowulf and Gilgamesh were my favourite works.

Well, they are related. 🙂

I love to study different religions. Beowulf should be required reading everywhere. The only movie so far that’s satisfied me was The 13th Warrior. Which, as a book, was written on a bet.


What are the two schools of Buddhism?

There are actually more than 2 schools. There are many; Zen, Mahayana, Vajrayana, just to name some large ones.

Zen or um… What’s the one where they’re basically like ‘life sucks, then you reincarnate’? I was told I’d do well in the second.

Oh, actually none really say that.

That’s how it was described to me. 😛 It focuses more on ‘life is suffering, that’s why we have to give up our possessions’.

Hmm, the monastic practices, but those aren’t seen as universally necessary. It’s a path of service really.

I agree that they shouldn’t be, however I have this friend who claims to be a Buddhist, yet she’s one of those who says things but doesn’t really follow. She has never visited a temple though I’ve offered to take her. She doesn’t meditate or focus on giving up possessions. In fact, she’s very greedy. She really turned me off Buddhism.

Her version of Buddhism is ‘Hey, that mug has Buddha’s face on it. I should buy it.’ But lately, I’ve met other Buddhists and have been thinking seriously about it.

My partner is Buddhist, and yes it compliments a basically agnostic view. All but one school of Buddhism actually do not worship the Buddha.


I was a Deist for a long time.

I am a daoist/deist. 🙂

Daoism has also caught my eye. I suppose I’m just exploring belief systems. I’m also, oddly enough, very interested in pagan religions.

A way that you can experience but not define, but in the experience of Daoism you can come to understand elements of the world better.

I was told by a Wiccan priest who came into my restaurant once that I’m a tree. Since then, I’ve been thinking. And that’s my goal, really. To understand this place and why I’m here. I know I’m a natural teacher. Beforehand, we were talking about this tree in my yard that was struck by lightening and slowly died. And how every time I looked at it, I felt so awful and sick. Its bark peeled and it looked so painful.

Tree can be seen as allegory, and as spiritual truth, and as a truth of the bodies function/health.


I’ve been in Rosicrucian’s for over 20 years. The Rosicrucian’s are a traditional initiatic school that seeks to uplift mankind through the study of the arts, science and mysticism. It’s non sectarian, non denominational, open to all.

There is a Masonic degree called the ‘rosecross’ but there is not any association between the Rosicrucian order and the Masonic order other than as fraternity.


What religion are you exploring? What are your questions about life? What are your goals? Leave a comment below and share with others. 

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