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The great prophets were described as madmen.

Give Place To Dark in Darkness


We created our Spiritual Darkness discussion group in Second Life to give place to the darker feelings and phases of the spiritual life. Their expression and perhaps some insight.

Everyone on any spiritual/philosophical path has dark moments. In Christian mysticism they refer to them as a “dark night of the soul.” They are actually considered good for spiritual growth, but many modern schools of thinking censor any speaking of or contemplation of the darker side of our hearts or souls.

I have in my life been labelled bad, since I was very young. So it became necessary for me to understand for myself these concepts of good and bad. Figure out why they exist and what they might really mean. I myself arrived at an insight, that bad is imbalance or disharmony and that bad is not evil. Good arises from balance and a harmonious living process, and is not “good” necessarily either.

  • We all experience times of ‘darkness’ in our lives. The thing is, do we allow ourselves to become enmeshed in it, to contribute to it with our actions and thoughts, or do we strive to reach for light, allowing the better part of ourselves to grow? Yes I agree, and part of that realization is first not to judge yourself for being in a distressed phase.
  • The role play I do is very good for studying dark and light forces. I have many friends on both sides and we all “play” at being on one side or another, but I don’t find the dark side any less good or bad than the light side. Yes. Role playing as an amusement gets a lot of flack, but it has a depth and value that can mean a lot.
  • But even when in times of light, times of darkness always emerge so we can render our worries to a higher power. Even a plant starts in darkness and reaches for light. Once we realize that we are responsible for our thoughts and actions, then we begin to grow spiritually.

Another helpful realization in dark times is that your mind has limits and that not only can you renounce your worries, it can be very wise to do so. Otherwise you act on your worries believing they are real. This usually just compounds things.

  • It’s just a longer route through the dark, the light is like a shortcut?
  • Well darkness has a bad rap because it’s the “feminine” down pull.
  • It depends on the side you are reaching for whether you consider it good or bad.
  • Many say it is a woman thing, but I think that is nonsense.
  • I do get winter blues. Which is a shame because I love fall and winter so much. Then it comes and I can’t enjoy it.
  • Nothing is good nor bad, because everything has a place. A purpose in my view.
  • But when you want to be on the dark or light side, it is bad if you can’t stay in the one you prefer.
  • Darkness and light define each other and dark is not always “evil.” Light not always “good.”

Discernment is of worth even if the concepts of good and bad are not absolutes. With a clear mind you can choose events and actions not out of fear, but instead out of wisdom.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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