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Truth is a reality checking process in the mind. It can operate in a healthy fashion, or get twisted, or can just be totally eschewed for a strictly relativistic artifice that excuses any stance as just what’s in fad of the mental moment.

Infinite Night in Darkness


There is a focus here. The darkness we may be in or may have insight into.

  • I recently had the revelation that I am always pointing the finger at others, including a God I supposedly gave up belief in. Rather than turning my thoughts inward and finding the problem, I cast the issue at the feet of others. And that’s partially why I’m here today. I need to learn how to take responsibility for what I say, do and think. Good reason to be here. But, I exacerbate my problem by ignoring my medication, avoiding therapy and feeding dark thoughts and moods.
  • Well, if you react or act unconsciously, technically it’s not your fault. How can you not fall in a hole if you’re in the dark?
  • If I had a reason for being here, it would be why even when I surrender to my God, offer my sacrifices, results aren’t what I expect.
  • I’ll just say this then be quiet. If your life was to end tonight, what would people say? Would they say, yes they helped to alleviate suffering, to aid in mankind’s development, or not. No one can judge us but ourselves, and it may be that we do indeed reincarnate, and will get another chance to work on problems we ourselves have created. But at the end of the day or life, I hope to have done some good in this world. Maybe by just being here today. Very well said.
  • Also when we are truly in light, how can we react to something if we are truly in total acceptance of what is?
  • Many of us were brought up with the concept of a God that was distant and hard to please. The Rosicrucian’s say “the God of your heart”.

When under the night sky, you can see clearly how light behaves.

  • My New Years Resolution is to accept my problems as mine to fix or mine to make worse. And I can’t blame them on anyone else. My struggle is mine, and if a God gave these problems to me, maybe there’s a reason for it. Good resolution.
  • If you stopped labelling them as problems and started realizing they are gifts to aid you, even if you can’t see that, doesn’t everything happen for a reason?
  • I was told that being bipolar can be a huge gift if you harness it, and I’ve found it to be very helpful in that respect. So, that’s very true. If I control my maniac phases, I can get a great deal of writing/drawing done.

For myself, I have always had the perception that reality has very little substance. So in my fear I was driven to look into religion, mysticism, science and other spirituality for the substance I wasn’t seeing, but in fact, this thing I ran from was my gift. Sometimes, you really understand something best not by its presence being available to you, but by the spaces it leaves.

  • You can design your relationship with the divine.
  • Most people fear their gift. Shy away from their greatest strength.
  • Are thoughts indeed things? If so, do we create love by loving, or hate by hating? I think we all have parts of us we would like to refine, and that’s what mysticism is all about.
  • Well in all respects, don’t you believe there is meaning in everything? If there is meaning in one thing, there is meaning in everything or no meaning at all . Viktor Frankl put it very well in his book “Mans Search for Meaning“. “To live is to suffer. To survive to find meaning in that suffering. If there is any point in living, there is also a point in suffering and dying”. So we must survive.

I actually believe there is meaning in nothing. No-thing, that has very much meaning.

  • Some of us are going beyond suffering. It was that way, but not required any more.
  • Life as it is is a huge puzzle.
  • Energy is never destroyed, the energy that creates your life continues in some form whether you believe it, or know it, or not. Through magic (transformation) energy continues.
  • I think everything is like the weather… it passes and I experience it… good or bad! It’s important to keep dreams alive in your belly and your heart.

Actually, having seen reality as having little substance, I have seen a great deal of significance in any presence, and have seen that things relate in very strange ways which seem to have a purpose.

  • If everything had meaning, wars wouldn’t exist because if it had meaning they’d understand and never fight about it.
  • I agree that it’s all about energy. Everything is energy. Meaning doesn’t really matter.
  • Nothing is good nor bad in presence, everything is accepted and appreciated and looked on from a nonpersonal way.
  • I find when I’m in balance and happy, all things work to my benefit somehow. When out of balance, nothing much does!
  • How do you reach a state of balance and happiness? And if you did reach it what makes you go back?
  • We are humans, stumbling is what we do.
  • I think states of balance are infrequent and fleeting. At least, for me they are. There are those times when I have epiphanies…
  • That’s because they are afraid of the unknown, but welcome darkness because that’s what they are familiar with.
  • Balance isn’t a fixed point. By it’s nature it moves between the two.

Relationships can become disorganized. The reality is that it can be allowed to fall into a disarray.

  • Ah, meaning does matter because if you don’t realize things don’t have meaning you’ll be lost in the world of things, and won’t be able to experience no-thing, or presence, or light, whatever you like to call it.
  • You can experience and not worry about meaning. Meaning is just an opinion.
  • If you are in the dark, however will you truly accept that if you don’t realize it has meaning? And move into light?
  • I think most people are more afraid of their light than their dark.
  • You’ll be stuck in darkness cause it’s irrelevant to whole. It’s just some “thing” to you, and that’s the fallacy.

In my experience, people are very afraid of the dark. Mostly because they cling to the false light of consensus. Though the coming of night reveals to them that the walls have cracks and the foundation is sand, they cling because no one seems present in that infinite night.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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