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You can’t convince yourself your dreams are meaningless and have meaning in your waking experience.

Suffer Nothing in Darkness


There are some very good lyrics I have been hearing lately, “I’ll take everything in this life. I’ll join everyone and understand. ‘Cause all men die. ‘Cause all men die.” (James Blunt)

  • The secret is to learn to be happy first, with whatever you have.
  • But what you have was acquired first and thought to bring happiness.
  • To find a way to be grateful, then that attracts more things to be grateful for.
  • Ah yes, but to realize why you are not happy is the awakening. Sorrow is the slow route to evolution, presence is the shortcut.
  • Having what you want won’t make you happy, being happy brings you what you want. No wonder most of us don’t get what we want.
  • Than why set myself goals in life if what I have should already make me happy?

You need not set goals, just acknowledge them. They are the urgings of personal growth.

  • That is why it helps me to see good and bad times as weather passing. So at your very darkest moment, like the weather, it will pass.
  • I think it’s important to accept and feel balance even when not happy. It’s okay to not be happy at times.

I fully agree, sorrow can be a teacher of profound wisdom.

  • But what if the thing that’s making you unhappy has no way of being relieved? At least, not for years?
  • Then you have to realize you don’t know what the purpose is, but totally accept. Realize you can do nothing and then change happens, and positive action opens up for you.
  • I am transgendered, female to male. What I truly want I can’t have, not without excessive amounts of money. And even then it’s not what I really “want“. What I want isn’t possible. So my struggle is learning to be happy in spite of what I can’t have. I suppose part of my struggle with religion, God, whatever you want to call it, is the fear of disappointment.
  • You’ll never be happy if you’re trying to learn happy. Happiness is fleeting, but you can find joy through acceptance and stillness.
  • In my experience it goes like this… You get yourself happy, in a positive frame of mind by comforting yourself, then that draws what you want. But then you find you may not need some stuff you thought would make you happy because you are happy already, but then it comes anyway.
  • First you have to accept yourself as being whole, no matter what your state is, and years? What are years to the infinite?
  • Yes, but if you keep philosophizing “What are years to infinite” and don’t accept them as things happening to you because you were in a momentary or long lasting state of unconsciousness (lack of light), that could lead to more darkness if you don’t act from stillness. You continue to react to the world.
  • Whole you can’t ever be. We are in constant evolution. Everything has stages.
  • I know the key is patience. It’s a waiting game, my disorder.

I would say the key is not patience. I would say the key is to suffer nothing. Don’t wait out a clock. Maybe consider that your state is ok, and you can live, and then enjoy whatever happens and do as you will. You don’t have to see your issues as problems to be fixed.

  • I just try to be happy with the fact that I have life in me, and I measure nothing else because ultimately one day I will not have life in me so anything else, good or bad, is fantastic!
  • It’s helped me to think in that… A way to control the notion of happiness. I am a happy person in life but I have terribly sad things to deal with. I still can be happy though.
  • I think I’m just getting to a point that I feel defeated by it. And I need to figure out how to alleviate that. Maybe a higher power would help. Someone to aid in my burdens, but not to take the blame for them?
  • My mind’s going a mile a minute.

The mind is like a mirror. It mirrors your angle.

What are your thoughts? Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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