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Words aren’t evil, though fixation can be a source of pain.

Getting over Tragedy in Darkness


Do people get over tragedies or do they just move on? The idea you forgive and forget is a lie, and an injurious one. You can forgive and let go, but the delusion that you can forget makes people feel bad about themselves.

Faith can be a strength, but understanding is still necessary, and organized faith as it stands is not so organized. People work so hard for the Church, for God, thinking he can just heal as a prize. It would be justice, wouldn’t it?

People have faith, but then run up against “why”. This is human. People get upset about religion and everyone who believes in it. They have a strong belief that they’re not worth enough to be loved, but have they fully explored that belief? It’s impact on them and others? You may feel a lot of anger, and you won’t permit yourself to have it.  Maybe you need to go deeper into it to get out. Know why you are where you are. Know the truth that has gone lost. Explore it fully so you can truely see the insanity of the belief. If you explore it only in part, it will seem rational and you will be stuck.

Your attacker didn’t do so for a rational reason. When people look for reason in evil they just immerse themselves in the evil. There is no truth in evil. Intellect blocks us from our experience, and it can’t “solve” matters of the heart. That is called a priori knowledge. Precognition happens all the time, and people just don’t notice it.

We train our “intellectuals” well. We make them monks even without that being the official intent. Heaven forbid the brainy have drive also.  “No mind” is a much sought after state, and one can draw from the root to empower the branches. Do you wish you were smarter? The smart wish they were smarter, and yet gain no mental power there by. We do encourage them to want to be smarter, but the mind is very much more than the intellect.

Example. You likely know intellectually that your issue is irrational. Does that make it affect you less? Does it even have a chance of doing that? No, and it wouldn’t for anyone else either. The heart “thinks” differently. For those who would want more “mental” power, they have a whole system just about as complex as the brain called the cardiac nerve plexus, and people ignore it all the time. I can sense when someone is struggling with their feelings at any moment. They are very aware, if not maybe understanding.

You can’t solve a problem in the same state of mind (often in the same mind) that you encountered it. So how to change that state of mind? You don’t change your mind, not the thinking mind you know best. You become aware of the other parts. Running if only briefly counter to your normal thinking triggers the other areas also.

The heart is actually really smart. Your heart doesn’t rationalize. It doesn’t have that power, and this can serve you well. Its power is reflection. It doesn’t elaborate. It doesn’t twist things. That’s the mind, not the heart.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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