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Life is lived in moments.

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted in Truth


People mistake that phrase. Superficiality really is a plague. “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” They think that just excuses whatever licentious behavior they choose to pursue. It does no such thing, and they will quickly discover all their pleasures wind up being poisoned.

Now how do you get past what others permit? I mean you can’t disobey a no trespassing sign can you? And not expect to be caught. You don’t get past what others permit. Everything is permitted. Being hung up on others, the supposed rule that you must do something about these others, that is what you have to get past.

Is permission the same as trust? No. Permission is not the same as trust. This is why trust is so easily violated, because that is still permitted. They permitted it the moment it occurred to them that you needed to be trusted, or it occurred to you that you needed to trust someone else. Permission is attention. It’s why politicians don’t need permission to do what they do. People mistake the illusion for the reality. They command your attention so you already permit everything they tell you and don’t tell you.

So really airport security is one big fat lie? Airport security is a huge lie, yes. Safety is possible only to the degree that it is understood. As long as we don’t permit danger, we will forever lack safety. Danger is subtle. We never see it coming, because it emerges from things we don’t consider dangerous. Always from things we thought were safe while we weren’t paying attention. It’s the falsehood of truth that leads to lies, that leads to defiance, that justifies injustice.

I read recently about a playground that decided to get rid of all the rules for the kids, and they found that bullying went down dramatically. When kids were allowed to play however they wanted, they didn’t feel confined and so didn’t feel the need to act out. Their behaviour wasn’t ruled by fear.

I remember most school rules being dumb and the teachers who were really strict were not respected. The teacher who could control their students, the teacher who did the best controlling the students, was the one who best understood the students. We all knew that teacher who could wrap kids around their little finger, did we not? Even if it was just a sub, a temporary placement.

Being an authoritarian role model creates authoritarian kids. Fighting evil causes evil.

The cool teachers talked to us like people, not babies. They could get you to cooperate quite easily.

So this is my truth, am I full of lies?

Most likely. And proud of it. Have those lies been useful to you?

Yes, very. Then my mission is accomplished each time that is possible, each time that is permitted.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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