The great dharma wheel is nothing more complex than that. The big mystery in life is that there is no mystery.

A Big Secret in Truth


Everyone familiar with the extra cellular matrix? It’s a material in the body that serves both to connect and regenerate the functional cells of the body, sort of the soil that our body’s cells are planted in. They recently used it to regenerate the last knuckle of a man’s finger, completely. It took about a month, but they didn’t graft the severed joint back in place. They couldn’t even find it. They just treated the wound with extracellular matrix and it regenerated the last bit.

Some animals have this ability naturally like worms and crabs? Yes, and many of the traits we used to think of as being confined to a single species, or small group of species, are not necessarily so limited. It may take very little to unlock them in other life forms, like us, but my point is… The energy of the units of time and space is unitary, quantized if you like, is accessible to us to grow new potential time matrixes, new potential regions of space. It’s triggered by a signal inside the discrete regions of time space. This signal is derived from the material of time space itself which we absorb through our attention. Selective sampling can create any potential event or object (any potential realization virtual of not literal omniscience, for example), and a degree of insight into process in the universe around us that would lead to technology and talents that we would now only call magic.

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Like getting their rez codes for a game to rez any object in front of you. Indeed, but the secret is that there is no secret, and that is a big secret. The mysterious forces governing your life are yourself. The obligation you have is to break your own system of obligations. Your every perception will continue to break down until you come to understand how it is you build your perceptions in the first place. Then you will be able to sustain a realization for as long as you want. Sound like crazy nonsense?

It sounds like becoming a Buddha. Our geniuses do it by accident. They are noted for being strange and often disturbed people, and they are not known for being able, let alone willing, to ignore things they experience. Their mind seizes on everything, especially things that disturb them. It isn’t a happy state of being, genius, but that is only because it stops short, standing in the doorway without stepping through, clinging to the lintel screaming bloody murder not to be pulled away from the warm, safe, convenient consensus reality around them.

They have compared genius to autism. In neuroscience studies, they have structural similarities in their neural nets, number and complexity of neurons. More synapses in the case of a genius than neural number, but the realization that would put anyone beyond the limits of passive brain function, comes not from any raw processing power or quirks of attention, it’s coordination, conscious orientation, proactive metacognition. Thought is just an environment. It is not self. It is possible to find the context of self behind all the thought, find meaning behind the truthing.

Good athletes have good coordination? It sounds so simple. Indeed, and they are drawing connections in the lab between physical coordination and fluid intelligence.

I think they lose the coordination when they stop loving the thing they are good at. Everyone does. There is a notable slowing of nerve signal response when attention is disengaged, no matter what activity it is.

It is why I’m frightened to start writing books. I don’t want to lose my passion for writing. You don’t dislike things because they are hard. They are hard because you dislike them. And your likes and dislikes are habitual, undirected by you, until you engage with the process. Experience yourself forming these likes and dislikes, and consciously direct the process. People don’t know what they want, because they think desire is a thought, something you have to know. Desire is not a thought, it’s a sensation, a living impulse, and only after the fact becomes attached to thoughts. Your thoughts matter not at all to your desires, but your desires mean everything to your thoughts. They shape and define your every single thought. Your desires are your personal permissions.

Unwanted sexual contact is not permitted. What makes sexual contact permissible is desire. What makes anything permissible is desire, and it does matter what you think. Psychopaths and neuroscientists are learning to finesse this quite well now, because they are not distracted by your personal thoughts. But your desires don’t have to be blind, or paralyzing. This understanding is the basis of what magick students mean when they speak of true will.

So, any questions about my truth model? Comments? How does it compare to your own?

Yes, truth as permission and understanding desire.

I like the idea of obligation vs. permission.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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