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The spirit of a city, of a state, of a nation, of the world, all very simple. The world sings if you listen.

Wilful Direction of Consciousness in Truth


We are very concerned with truth, really more than any other human value. People will sacrifice anything to be proven right, even their own wellbeing, their life even. People lay down their lives to be relevant. If nothing is true beyond the web of permissions, then how can we achieve this knowledge and perception of the truth we crave so intensely? Is it possible?

It has to be centered inside in some way? Permission is the loom. Attention is the shuttle. Reality is the tapestry. To date, most people are woven rather than being weavers. They are twisted rather than being spinners, but this isn’t how it has to be. We think we have no choice in what we permit, so we direct our attention to some things and not others, protect our attention from some things and not others, with very little consideration for our own heart and soul in this process. But the creative process of change can only occur when the right threads are contacted, when the right elements are intermingled in our attention.

We fail to solve our problems, even to truly know ourselves, not because it’s impossible, but because it isn’t permitted. It isn’t permitted because of the protocol we subscribe to, the normal person syndrome, living the real life. This is a false bill of goods, and people are seeing this more and more clearly these days. Faith in any institution is shaky at best. Is this fair to say? Traditional belief is more and more being discarded. Is this not so?

What would you call an institution? Church, state, nation, corporation, academia.

Yes, I think humans are starting to look inward for faith. We are discarding traditional belief in favour of what?

In favour of what makes those twinges of doubt go away. And that is going to get us into trouble. Society is looking to solve the problems around them, while leaving the very process that created those problems untouched and continuing to hold it up as a sacred cow.

Some people seem to be more and more jaded, so belief in nothing, or maybe materialism or science. That’s the belief. Human cleverness is the source of our every illusion. Illusion arises from the blind misdirection of attention.

So we need doubt? We need wilful direction of consciousness, not doubt in the traditional sense. Popular doubt is still just a human head trip, more human cleverness. That web of permissions I spoke of, is broader than the human, includes more than human generated information.

We still need to be confident in the choices out there. Confidence is that permission? You do not need to be confident in your choices. You should not be. You should be tolerant of your behavior, mental as well as physical. Allow your attention to linger for a while on every path it follows. How many trains of thought do you rapidly ignore? Withdraw your attention from? How many things does your imagination present to you that you quickly shun? Does this happen for you?

Oh yes, more then I pay attention to. You can gain no control of your mind without permitting the mind to present what it is to you clearly and fully. You cannot fully understand desire, until you also understand fear, and realize these as two parts in an integrated whole.

My mind is always stuck on past events. Should I just let it stay stuck? Yes. You will find it’s your effort to get it unstuck that keeps it stuck. Effort locks attention in place, struggle keeps you struggling and makes an obligation out of the merely possible.

I don’t feel like I can both pay attention and let go at the same time. Is that meditation? You can only pay attention to the degree that you let go. You never pay attention beyond that. You make noise when you try to control your awareness.

Being both relaxed and in focus is being in the zone. There must be ways to trigger the zone.

So meditation again? More than meditation. The ritual of meditation is itself naturally constraining. You can develop yourself a nice habit of creative picture making in your mind, make everything nice and clear and serene, and yet what I have been speaking of would continue to go unrealized.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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