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Web of Permissions and Obligations in Truth


So if nothing is true, then there has to be some other reason for persistence of experience. We all of us have a continuous stream of experience we have to contend with. This is life and consciousness. The reason this continuous experience occurs despite the fact that no thing is true, is reality is a web of permissions and obligations.

When conditions are right, then any possible thing can happen. That is the definition of possible. Possible is that which is permitted. Everything that occurs, occurs because of a chain of causal reactions that permitted it to occur, permitted it to exist. The difference between permission and obligation is weight, tension, to refer to the earlier web metaphor.

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I find myself sometimes leaving the house with no time piece on me and being annoyed at first that I forgot my phone. But then realizing how freeing it is to enjoy the mall without constantly checking the time. I can just shop. Indeed. And I can still be on time for lunch because my body tells me when I’m hungry anyways. Yes. Habit reinforces much of what our intellect perceives to be dependent on something else.

Negative tension is permission, and nature itself makes a great deal of effort to minimize tension, relieve stress and blockage. Energy has to have space to convert. The law of conservation is preserved in a state of permission.

Positive tension is obligation. Conditions of obligation are fortunately less common than conditions of permission. They are the causal equivalent of great mass and strong gravity, and like Hawking is now saying, they don’t actually exist in any absolute sense. The reason life seems to hold such vast potential is that any system of connections can reconfigure itself. Any two points are generally possessed of considerable degrees of freedom, alternative points in which the relationship is conserved but the relative dynamic of exchange is changed, like a switchback in a river.

The points of obligation, those conditions necessary to support life and consciousness, are also themselves capable of some adaption, but they change comparatively slowly, and they change contiguously with the less salient points in the web I spoke of. That’s the difference between a point of obligation and a point of permission, salience. How pervasive the relationship is. There are conditions that have to remain more or less universally true for any less relevant occurrence to be able to take place.

Like the sun being the right distance from the earth for life to survive? Even now, they are saying that as true as that is, it still is not absolutely true, and at one point early in the history of the universe, even exo-planetary bodies had the right conditions to give rise to bacterial life.

I forget what they call it, the Goldilocks zone or something like that? That is indeed what they call it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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