Truth is transcendent and we each have our own truths.

We Can Voluntarily Permit in Truth


Vast zones of permission fill the general space of our existence, yet we seem to experience life as a progression of events locked into a matrix of obligation. Everything “must” be a specific way. Why is that? Shall I offer an answer?

Memory. The conditions that permit consciousness, also add weight to our perception of any given event or set of conditions. We add obligation to a situation that in fact has no such obligation. We make an event necessary that was in fact only one of a range of possible events and we do this through observation, attention.

We speak of ourselves as possessing free will, yet we only haphazardly exercise it if we do even that. Our memory is a construct. We believe it to be obligatory, more or less fixed, but even the original perception was not fixed, and every time we recall any experience we have ever had, it is reconstructed by the lexical process in our brain. Story boarded from trace sensory impressions which were themselves also synthesized from previous sensory impressions. You have only ever really seen one sunrise, everything else has been compared to that initial impression which itself is then modified. What governs this process of experiential synthesis is our attention, the weight, not of obligation, but permission. We can voluntarily permit ourselves the experience of anything.

Instinctively, we are confined to the fight, flight or freeze response. Nature creates in us a pattern of obligations, DNA, neural networks, which are shaped by DNA. They are now saying that phobias are evidence of genetically inherited fear in humans. What do you think of that? Yet, meditation has also been shown to control gene expression. Your state of mind itself shifts what genes are activated or deactivated in your cell processes, and over time either copied or lost to blockage, epigenetically whited out.

So my fear of fish, and not wanting to know what caused it, is normal to not knowing the truth? Indeed, it is quite normal, yes.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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