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Meditation can be an invaluable guide in seeing and allowing informed choices about your life’s manifestation.

Reshape Everything in Unity


Can you make yourself have a day with no thought?

If it’s mind numbing repetitive thought? It’s mind numbing when you have negative judgements about the thought, otherwise it’s no more disturbing than bird song.

“A day with no thought?” Yah, right. You are correct. It’s impossible. But people think they can have a day without drama, a day without emotion, a day without reflecting on old memories. They think they can spend a day “just doing their chores”. Have you, my friends, ever succeeded in this?

We are not Vulcans. Even Vulcans actually have these events happen to them, they just screen them with meditation and logic exercises. Has anyone spent a day “Just doing what I have to do” without emotional reflection on anything?

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I can remember days when I wanted it to be like that. I think it’s what people want when they say they’re “throwing themselves into their work”. It’s also not possible, and what makes them want to try that is because they feel everything falling apart, and they are either panicking or pouty or both. They convince themselves they can, and that the alcoholism has nothing to do with their being a workaholic. They lie to themselves.

Humans can’t separate their emotions from things. You are right, they can’t. But they can do something that most people never consider.

How many of you like puppies? Can you look at a picture of a puppy doing something cute like playing, and not have a feeling about it? Some people don’t care about puppies, but everyone has feelings about things they think about. Can you have a feeling with no thoughts about it? True, some people like cats over dogs, but can you be happy and not have ideas about things that you feel make you happy?

Is neutral a feeling? Yes. It’s actually apathy. The consideration that you are unmoved by something. That is a form of movement in itself, a “being held where you are”. These people usually are “neutral” about a lot of things. They like being neutral and will find reasons to be neutral. It’s a legitimate attitude, as is preferring to be positive and enthusiastic, or being pessimistic or “realistic”, but it’s actually an internal stance only. It has no direct connection to anything external.

The amazing thing that people can do is by virtue of their “free will”, which is in fact their ability to direct and center their attention. To have a “focus”, they can reshape everything about their experience. Mind, body, and spirit are like three different languages. No one language better than the others, and no matter how you “talk” to yourself, the same unity will show up. You cannot make a spiritual change and not have it create physical changes. You can’t learn something new and not have it have a spiritual impact. The more you learn, the broader your range of feeling becomes.

Example. If I ask you your opinion about vegemite sandwiches, but you don’t know at all what I am talking about, you won’t really be able to respond. But if you have either tasted vegemite, which is a physical experience, learned what vegemite is, which is a mental experience, or met someone who gave you a feeling about what it might be to eat vegemite sandwiches, then you would be able to respond.

I know about Vegemite. I just haven’t tried it. My friend already has an opinion about vegemite. But even having had his experience of vegemite, he still has the ability to include vegemite in his attention or not, and he can include vegemite in his experience in whatever way fits his self awareness best. He has mental experience of vegemite, and his opinion based on that is still valid.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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