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Death is no violation of life. We experience little deaths all through life. Death feeds life, and life death, because they aren’t really separate.

Principle of Unity in Unity


Today, we aren’t going to talk about the philosophy of unity. We are going to talk about the principle of unity as it applies to practice; magical, religious, spiritual or artistic.

Ever wonder about what really needs your primary attention in your practice? Like do you need to meditate more or focus on health more, that sort of thing?

The principle of unity is a guideline for understanding personal development. It consists of a simple realization. You don’t have multiple parts of yourself that need attention. You just have self with no divisions, and if you focus on your personal strength, they will inevitably lead to improvements in all other areas of your practice. There is an example of this in athletic training where even the most skilled athletes say that improvement in their skill has really nothing to do with the apparent actions they are taking, but has everything to do with their state of mind and spirit.

Will? Ultimately it does all come down to that, but people think of will as something that comes from the mind. That will is just “intending” something really hard, when in fact will has a presence in your being without you “willing” anything. Your ongoing breath is your will. Getting out of bed when you wake in the morning is your will, even if you try not to do these things. If you think it’s your will not to breath, and you try to stop your breath, that will work only for a short time until you lose consciousness and you will then resume breathing. Because ideas are not will. At best, they just reflect will. In fact, simple habits like eating dinner every night at the same time are actually “ideas” your body has, and have nothing to do with will.

This is when we get over focused on something? Yes. Will even makes you lose focus on something you are trying to force your attention on, because unity places every part of your being equally.

I’m not sure I know how to focus on something without it being an idea. Ah, but you do all the time. When you are aware you are hungry, or sleepy, these can have your focus and have nothing to do with ideas at their essence.

What unity shows us is that the process you call thought is not actually different from getting hungry or sleepy, and just as you can ignore hunger or sleepiness, you can ignore thought. But is there much point to that?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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