A weight can be a lightening of existence. Chains can be freedom. The prisoner knows what freedom is clearly.

Who Can We Trust? in Trust

Who can we trust? Your self when you know yourself. The problem is mostly people don’t know themselves. They know an idea of self. A role among other things and a prejudice, a judgement.

We only have ideas of others, so is there no trust in others? For the most part. “Trust no one” is commonly seen as secular wisdom, and what does that get us? Anything gained?

You can trust your mind? Mind as a product of nature. The mind is like a snake. Is a snake really any form of betrayer? The snake is a snake. You can trust it will bite you, and otherwise do its little snaky things. Well, the mind has a nature, and if we know its nature it won’t trouble us. When we mistake it, then we create all sorts of confusion, and suffering, and then we distrust our mind. We say it’s to blame. Is it? Our absence to mind, our absence to matter is not a virtue. It’s corrosive. It breaks down our chances at trust.

Absence as in not seeing true nature of mind and matter? We can trust everything to be as it is, we just have to know what it is? Yes, being immersed in ideas of what is and loving ideas at first. It’s said in the Bible that the wage of sin is death. Non-being is what they understood death as, and sin was simply error.  The wage of mistaken notions is non-being. How many people are really here? Who is really where they are? Who is really who they are? How can they trust where they are not, and who they are not? You can only go anywhere by starting from where you are.

This does highlight why it’s such a distrustful world. We all deride the notion because we are trying to trust our idea of someone or something, and not the thing itself. The mind is inherently limited, it can err, or I should correct myself, the brain is limited. The brain is sort of a simple organ really, and the mind is bigger than our heads.

We feel like we’re tricked by people, because they say something that isn’t true probably because they don’t know themselves, and because we’re equally deluded in our own dream world, we believe them. Then when they aren’t that, blame starts. Crazy cycle. It is a crazy cycle yes, and trust has to start before the cycle. While you are in it, you will just have the same experiences. That cycle is ego.

Trust goes along with good judgement though? No it doesn’t, it precedes good judgement.

Good knowing? Yes, seeing reality. The Buddhists speak of that.

There first has to be the awareness, the seeing of reality, but to really see it you must trust it and not your “understanding of it” which is likely flawed and what perpetuates your cycle. How often do we see the truth and say “Oh, that can’t be”, because it goes against those lovely “ideas” we have. What is is.  Trusting is letting it be and letting it be in your awareness. You don’t have to “figure it out.” Did you really even see it before you tried to figure it out?

The more awareness you have the more trust you will give? Yes. I trust my younger brother to prevaricate. I don’t have to be upset, he lies. I know he lies, it’s where he is at and doesn’t have to disturb me at all.

How do you know he lies? He makes statements that run counter to the actualized, and he confuses himself. Doubts himself. His motive isn’t “evil.” He is in a loop, and he isn’t happy. Why should I be mad at him?

When you don’t trust you will lie, and you won’t do it on purpose. When you don’t trust you won’t be on purpose. It’s not really possible to be on purpose and distrustful. You get confined to the reactionary. People try to understand why they are wronged, but they are wronged from human understanding which was warped. You can’t fix a problem from the same point of view that you were aware of it. This is why it looks like a problem.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. cassie

    a very refreshing article! I agree that many people react not realizing that it drains their energy. By not reacting you must look at it as it is. It is was it is so why let it affect me. Grudges and mistrust only harms the individual holding them.

    • darcy collette

      Everyone lies. I cannot insist that people tell the truth although I respect them if I can not detect it and or play along- just for fun. #nvrfknlie2me

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