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The slayer who thinks he slays is slain.

Give Place to Truth in Trust

Trust isn’t foolishness. Trust isn’t being a martyr or a sucker. Those come about when you don’t trust. When you perceive and then rationalize; “Well, maybe I’m wrong“, “Well, maybe they have changed“. Oh, the list of rationalizations is endless. If you trust you give place to the truth. You allow it to show itself rather than trying to get it. You can’t get truth. When truth becomes an object of getting, you lose sight of it.

People believe the story in their head as an absolute truth? In trying to get truth you will get experience of what you believe is true. It’s a vicious self perpetuating blindness. Distrust.  That idea is also in error. It’s reactionary and denying the wholeness of reality.

The process of thought, your brains function, is part of a bigger reality that we deny. It isn’t the capacity of thought that is the culprit. It just is, but we don’t let it be. Know it for what it is, and we can trust it. Think it’s other than what it is, and you have problems. If I declare my car is a boat, if I’m lucky all I will do is ruin my car.

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Now what? If you say “I don’t know“, there’s a problem with that, and I don’t know is a very popular answer. It’s like saying “Don’t ask me“, “I’m not responsible, don’t ask me“, “I’m not here, don’t ask me. You aren’t a part of my reality“ all in the words “I don’t know”.

Why does the knowing so often escape us in the moment? Because there is no fixed knowing. At any time “I don’t know” is the truthful answer. But staying there, that denial, that’s a problem. “I don’t know” can’t be final, and it isn’t special. It isn’t something to be preserved. See, hear, touch, if it occurs to you to contact a knowing, then do it. Why shouldn’t you? Contact. If you get hungry you eat, yes?

I keep looking into the ‘database’ so to speak to find the answer, instead of getting the answer that is new. The database is not without filters, it’s what hands you back “I don’t know”.

Maybe when you ask for an answer, you are just confirming the one you already knew to be true? And that confirmation is fine. It’s good. It is spiritual love. It’s giving place if it is the real truth, otherwise it’s drama.

Sometimes you know, but you can’t say it in words. It helps to have someone speak it for you? Ah, in that case do something. Expression isn’t words. Words are a form of expression, but expression is bigger and more dynamic. I say things that I don’t “say”. Honestly if I’m saying things then I’m taking it easy on people, it’s when I’m “not saying things” that there is more power in the event.

What this has to do with trust is the next time you find yourself doing something, rather than judging what you are doing look at the bigger picture. What brought you there? Where are you going from there? What is present in your doing? You are bigger than your body. Like that song lyric, “I’m bigger than my body gives me credit for“, it’s true.

Know and trust. You aren’t self contained. You have to breathe. You will sense things. That data will be impressed in your brain. Where is the boundary that makes you limited? Where is the absolute limit of you? Anyone have one?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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