The power of souls is beyond any artifice. We are made from and by it, and we rise or fall in part by that power in others.

Societies Power in Secret Society

Secret Society

Today we will not be talking about society in general, but more specifically secret society. Not specific secret societies, but the process that gives rise to secret societies.

Society itself is a bit mysterious even in the normal sense. It’s the infrastructure by which all human power and potential is harnessed nominally to serve the greater good. We make laws and establish protocols. We create institutions to serve any possible purpose that might occur to us as we go through our lives, colleges being a big one. They had their origin in religious institutions, only later acquiring any secular traits, and much of the understanding that has led to modern advances that we enjoy so much these days had their origin there with those who at the time were students of “natural philosophy.” We call it science now. Medicine preceded even science as we know it. It was the profession of Nostradamus himself actually, as the practice of astrology was quite common among doctors at the time.

We would giggle at anyone now who still thought the world was flat. Indeed. So even in its exoteric or explicate form, society forms an “invisible” structure with power far exceeding any individual or group of individuals.

Or that the moon was made of cheese. There have been a lot of ideas about the moon. One Christian sect still disavows the lunar landing. They believe the surface of the moon is too powdery for anyone to have walked on it, meteor impacts supposedly, and lack of its own geothermal activity.

Amazing how they try to use false science to disprove real science. Ah yes, rampant rationalization and prejudice, but it’s present in the secular world as well.

So, if you were looking for the source of power in today’s society, where would you say that is?

Money. Ah, money. The invention of society, a small section of society, that supposedly disappeared a long time ago. The first paper “money” was simple letters of credit issued by the feudal nobility of the time, because it became much too cumbersome to pay for everything in the “coin of the realm.” Even gold and silver originally acquired their value as having served as a symbolic or religious “fetish” as it didn’t have any real use beyond that at the time. We are supposed to have moved beyond that by now, right?

I think it’s because the aliens needed gold for their circuitry and came down to earth looking for it, so the locals with the most gold were the highest in society. Gold being a solar symbol and all.

I thought money was all about figures on spreadsheets. Oh, it’s becoming that way. In modern society it’s all about debt. It is still supposedly measured against resources, but that hasn’t been the case for a long time. It has value because people can be made obligated by receiving it. I think they call that slavery, but that’s a totally different subject. Though on further note, the price you must pay for your food and resources is arbitrarily arrived at by the banks. Suspicious, no?

Yes, the banks have too much power. E pluribus unum. The many united. Some believe a secret society is behind that agenda. It’s supposedly just a reference to the United States of America. A motto.

The best place to hide secrets is under our noses. Indeed. We don’t believe the obvious. Maybe we think an easy answer is wrong? Too good to be true. Well, the overt elements of society are lacking in some serious areas. The stability provided by societal institutions has ceased to support the structure that was originally desired. The power of the church has waned. The belief in the state and progress has also waned, and the powers that be are very worried about this. I speak of these powers as if they were a unified group, but they are not. More on that later.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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