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Life looks like a path made of doors, until you realize that you don’t even have to enter the prison in the first place.

Mystery Societies in Secret Society

Secret Society

Behind the outward forms of society are the principles that originally gave rise to those organizations that brought people together to live in villages and then cities, and later metropolitan complexes, and these forces have been explored through what have been called the “mysteries” for a long time.

The ritual dramas enacted by societies like the freemasons aren’t just empty pageantry. They are practical illustrations of the principles they want the members of their society to understand so they might prosper and rise above their peers. They describe it superficially as moral training, but their intentions behind it are purely pragmatic.

Science has begun even to break an old agreement they had with the church, and are closely examining human nature and the functions of the human mind from a very interesting point of view. They have “discovered” that a lot of what the old mystery societies already understood is scientifically true. That color and symbolism, repetitive slogans and rituals, can create controls that influence even those who would seem to be resisting. The simple conclusion, and it’s growing in popularity, is that humanity has no free will.

McDonald’s could be a secret society. Could be, but isn’t by itself. No obvious institution is. Anything obvious is just a front. So what does this all mean to us? Shall we go into that?

The secret societies all arose around an esoteric force that influenced their members. The “archetypes” of the collective unconscious, subtle motivations stemming more from a primordial element of human nature rather than any physical purpose. Though the original interactions and explorations were crude, they became more deep and refined over time.

When you say archetypes do you mean those we idolize? Not people, and not simple artificial idols either.

Just as our genetics guide the “mechanical” behaviour of our cells and thus our organs and brains, the processes present in the world that gave rise to the potential for human evolution (made human DNA possible if you prefer), have themselves manifested in the behaviour of human consciousness itself outside of any single human beings individual experience. Beings like Pazuzu and Nurgle are subconscious characterizations of the impact made on human genetics by viral influences, for just one example.

Are these like memes? They are what serve as the root of memes. Memes are the conscious cognitive mask that expresses the subconscious motivation behind these primal potentials in human nature. You can see the parade of the elves and before that the movement of the chariots of the gods playing out in internet culture on a daily basis these days, and as always the gods are seemingly fickle. This is why they now say everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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