The future is an ever shifting pageant of shadow puppets that darken as light shines more directly on them.

Human Obsession in Control


Control is a human obsession. It’s a human endeavour, and it’s human nature. Control is very poorly understood at best. Control is how we kill ourselves. Control is what we do when we kill pain. Control is what we do when we kill time. Control is what we do when we medicate the mentally unfit. Control is undertaken without sufficient understanding of what is being controlled, without proper identification, without understanding of the nature of the thing you would control, even self. Then the consequences are disastrous.

If you insist that your car is a boat, what will happen? The car won’t fill that role. If you insist you are what you are not and your relationships are what they are not, the outcome is similar. Life is unlike objects in that it is self perpetuating, but our objects have purpose because we have purpose. We impart the purpose to the objects.

Human beings are resilient, so we can endure change, but denying ones own nature is to inevitably exhaust that life energy. Life and hope springs eternal, but the channels can be corrupted. We call the most common corruption emotional scars. Without self knowledge we can brain ourselves on ideas of what we are, and quite naturally we impair our judgement and perception and in seeking to make the idea work, deprive ourselves of any ability to work.

Control does not exist of nature. Control exists of understanding nature. Using everything according to its nature. The most powerful human beings knew this.  They even left record of it for us, and yet though this wisdom is commonly available it’s still not embraced and used by us. For any path that you would persue there is a way of doing it, but control is not creating that way. Control is seeing the way and moving with it. You are one with creation. You do not create from nothing nor do you arise from nothing. All of what you would choose to control is in you.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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