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We are, each of us, worthy. Equally worthy. We all exist because nature wanted a “you”.

Stuck On Stupid in Darkness


I wish I could stop and reflect more often. What stops you? Not sure, partly personality. I ask a lot of questions. Questions can be patterned in a concerning way. Questions are always coherent with patterns of thinking, either perhaps corresponding to therapeutic method, or religious prejudice, or emotive bias/temperament. Sometimes they don’t maintain coherence.

In my nihilist observations, as I believe the character “Dr. House” says in the popular TV series, “Everybody lies, and I have seen no exceptions.” In all this lying that everyone is doing, they are reflecting on human experience, and the language of these systems does seem to be able to capture important ideas, if not literally. So although they are not lying, and are lying, there is a truth to see.

So I guess you assume that humans are making up purpose? Yes, and are reporting on real experience though subjectively, and often with damaging overlay.

Don’t you think people are in a way lying all the time? They are often lying to themselves, so the additional lie here or there doesn’t seem that astonishing to me. What I found (and I’m not using the term truth in a philosophical sense) is that very often the reported experience can reflect more of the physical experience than the person processes, and with a process of cross referencing human perception it can be very deep.

You have a very good understanding of humans for someone that may have Aspergers. And yet that core understanding that everyone seems to rely on, I do not have. It comes up when people invoke the phrase “only human” and also the phrase “human nature.” Incoherence dramatized is distressing to me, and people dramatize incoherence a lot.

This raises the question of whether the ones we “lock up” are the crazy ones or not, doesn’t it? Hmm, I have observed people in psyche wards. Some do actually seem stuck in a recursive story, and their distress really blocks perception, and the language is all wrong for reaching them. So they in their impassioned state just seem to stay locked. Some honestly are worse off than a straight jacket could ever make them.

Some of us not in that state are simply “stuck on stupid“. I have observed in “unintelligent” people that they tend to be very coherent, and often very efficient in how their mind does function.

“Stuck on stupid“ could refer to someone who repeatedly makes the same mistakes. This is maybe why psycho-pharmaceuticals seem to work. Various carefully chemically induced levels of stupid. Oh, I see. That was the “everybody lies” comment I made earlier. I can imagine it’s quite distressing. They often don’t reflect on their monologue. They don’t see the “dialogue”, and thus they keep saying “nobody loves me”, and experiencing alienation of affection.

They don’t even see what they are saying. Broken record syndrome. Yes, exactly. They take comfort in the same old pain. The “devil they know.”

How do you get someone out of that pattern. I have a lot of clients stuck in it. I find that first you have to accept their perception. It’s inherently incoherent, and that’s why they seem so distressed. Otherwise they would forget it and move on, and well, everybody has a role in that story.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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