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The slayer who thinks he slays is slain.

Ritual Space in Ritual


The Hawaiian people have what could perhaps be called family gathering spots. The spot is automatically a meeting place between them and the spirits. Many sites like that here, yes. Ancient to present time.

That’s done with the set up of the space, and people also use symbols to define their space. Mandalas, Navajo sand paintings, Voodoo ve-ve patterns. All serve to define the space as an area for the manifestation of your intent. The ritual space is a deliberate microcosm of the larger world.

Ti leaf, olena, kai. Yes. Some traditions use the spiritual qualities of protective plant and animal spirits. Even protective earth/stone. People have even gone so far as to build a whole space out of such earth and stone or even wood. The kai is sprinkled and defines the space. Holy water for Catholics.

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And the spirits of mythological creatures, like dragons and unicorns etc.? Hmm, yes. Often even creatures that were originally just alchemical symbolism. Not because it’s an entity, but because it puts the celebrant in the state associated with that force. These creatures are as a group defined as chimeras, but there is a class of spirit that is also a chimera. Some spirits have sort of echo existences, multiple locations, and thus multiple defining characteristics. So a single spirit will show itself in different forms based on time and circumstance. In fact, if you are engaged in a working to create an effect, you may shift the form/state of being of a local spirit

And of course depends on who’s looking? Always depends on who’s looking 🙂 and who’s working. Working generally makes huge ripples, and spirits tend to be both creatures of light and shadow. If you are casting glaring disharmonious energy, they have a very natural reaction. It isn’t even “punishment”, it’s just a response to their environment being contaminated.

This is why a ceremony can seem to go wrong. You intend something that is so out of whack with the well being of the spirits in your area, they contain and clean up the mess you make. The same happens even with a non ceremonial working. Let‘s take psionic practice for example. Your will is a projection of your internal dialogue into the world and consciousnesses around you. If you are too forceful, those who can “hear” your psychic energy will scream back and there are more of them than you.

Spirits like energy to flow. This is why Chinese geomancers speak of the “Gods”, and how they might be angered at the placement of a building say. With optimum flow all spirits prosper, at least in the long run. They are willing to let small scale disturbances happen because they recognize the need to divert energy, but even those are only temporary.

Oh yes, then that place becomes a focus for reactions to the unwanted improper structure. Exactly. I want to find a place here in Honolulu. In dream and waking pictures it is under old concrete. Spirits have been upset for long time and want release. Yes, they don’t like the be walled in, and the place is likely not holding up well anyway. They can and do attack matter if they must. Yes, it is not. It is a place where many have been sad and had misfortune. Echoing the spirits there. The same happens between individual people. If you accept the concepts of geomancy, the whole place doesn’t necessarily need to be broken up even. They just have to be allowed a presence. They are usually willing to share their space, with emphasis on share.

Maybe they want some respect? Same as we would. Ceremonial magic gives that to them when undertaken in the right spirit with the intention to make things right spiritually.

Some want simply to be acknowledged as being there? Like I would if you were going to step on my foot. Very simple really.

So, what is ritual in the big picture? As I opened with, it’s performance. But just as powerful, music or engaging movies can move the minds and awareness of countless people. Your energy expressed in the composition that is a ritual can move many people/places/things. If composed correctly, you achieve what amounts to “agreement” and consensus reality does things for you that you can not necessarily do for yourself, but it is an art. If your ceremony is off, you will feel it. Have any of you performed a ceremony and already knew it wouldn’t work after you did it?

Sure, but it wasn’t a magic one. It’s all magic, so yes. 🙂

Governments use it I’d say. Governments do use it. They insist on forms or protocols.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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