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Ritual Magic Experience in Ritual


Anyone have experience with ritual magic? Care to share your experiences?

Kawa ceremony. At heiau, at midnight to 3 am. Kawa is kava. Heiau are our temples. At those hours we follow a protocol so as to invite the spirits of aumakua to come. Chant, share kawa, silence, etc. and for some multiple presences are seen at the same time, and the spirits do come. If you’re not prepared it is very upsetting for many. So preparations are necessary as in becoming a kumu, training.

Even in scientific circles the Gaia theory allows for the response of natural sites to human behaviour in them, and the attitude in ceremony makes a huge difference.

Yes. When missionaries came to Hawaii they said we were doing magic and condemned us. We did not think of it like that. You were talking to your “family.” Sure, as you would be too when you invoke. But they call those “familiar spirits.” They call them demons. Some are, yes. You need special chants for that kind of presence. Yes, you need deep focus.

The Christians do the same thing with the holy spirit. They just don’t like to call it magic because it points to the similarity they have with those they called pagans. Exactly. In fact, they even speak of possession by the holy spirit and say that it can mark their souls more or less permanently.

There are Christians who are very respectful of other cultures and religions and belief systems. I would agree, though in some groups the number who have that attitude are few. I have met people, Christian and Muslim and Jew, who were more about a life of inspiration and faith than judgement and dogma. So yes, it’s important to let spirits be individuals, both incarnated and disincarnated.

In the case of ritual to commune with spirits, it’s very important to control ones “startle” response. Often a spirit contact will be scary not because of any hostility from the spirit, but because your fear warped your perception.

How do you control such a response? It is just a matter of focus? Yes. Strong intent lets you keep composure. People playing with spirit calling ceremonies will get a response also, potentially. But often just wind up acting the fool and then go around telling people about how evil the “supernatural” is.

Ah, you mean the Ouija board? Yes, it can happen with the Ouija board but that method isn’t special. It can happen in ceremonial dance. It can happen in any divinatory practice. If you are open, they may very well take it as an invite, and like people it’s possible you might get a griefer, or just a looky loo who is just curious about what all the hubbub is.

So you are saying that it can happen with Tarot Cards or Medicine Cards? Indeed, that’s exactly what I’m saying, but it’s possible in ceremony you might not want to welcome just any local spirit, or even just spiritual influences. You might want to screen out conflicting intentions so they won’t warp your own work.

You are very right about that. We have chants/language procedure for that in Hawaiian practices. We don’t just call up a generic host of spirits.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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