We are not what we do, but what we do does in many ways stem from what we are.

Underlying Essence of Magick in Magick


Magick is a broad subject, but has a simple essence that gets lost terribly in many sources on the subject. Most people think of the human body and mind as somehow closed systems, but in fact this is very far from the case. We absorb the material and reflexively the essence of all the elements, even without thinking about it.

There is a phrase in hermetic philosophy, which is a literal truth though it is also somewhat confusing for people. As above so below, as within so without. In magick you develop an understanding of interconnections and how you influence and are influenced by these connections. We are intimately connected to the energy systems in the world around us. Through many of the old intuitive insights we learn to create change in conformity with will, both the personal and universal. We discover that there is sort of a dialogue going on under the surface. Words spoken affect the world and the “words” in the world affect us. Language is a part of the greater organizing principle of the world.

Thus divinity is also known in the Greek as logos, meaning word. Random exchanges between ourselves and the world have very little impact and thus people often believe that principles such as the law of sympathy have no real substance. But what is overlooked is that that principle works both ways. We don’t just impose our will in a detached way on the energies or the situations that we would seek to influence. We must first perceive the nature of the situation clearly. Be it a healing we seek to perform or some other creative work. Magick is not about denial. It’s about intuitive insight and acceptance of the behaviour of these forces and how we interact with them.

In Taoism you have many legends of human beings who could do seemingly amazing things. But they were able to do these not by some virtue of their “selves”, but of an intuitive insight into the world and conscious choice about how they interact with it.

There have been many magickal disciplines throughout history, from the divinatory practices to spiritualism to alchemy. Magick runs parallel to many traditions of mysticism, but mysticism tends to run along the line of the ascetic and magick is more immersive in the world. Magick is the practical application of energies. Sort of the difference between bhakti or devotional yoga, and karma yoga or experience based reflection.

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Travis Saunders
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