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Common Magic in Magick


It seems like magic is about changing things. That’s correct. And in Buddhist thought, one tries to learn to accept things the way they are. Is there a contradiction there?

The way things are is changing, and accepting is the willingness to remain in the presence of change. Vajrayana Buddhism is all about a traditional path of change. Also known as Tantric Buddhism, which doesn’t have anything do with the other tantric practice that people find so fascinating, not of necessity at least.

You can’t change anything if you don’t accept it as it is. Otherwise you don’t understand the first cause enough to enact change. That’s my understanding of it from a Buddhist perspective. I am not Buddhist. It just doesn’t suit my temperament, but I respect Buddhism.

It’s a common challenge with Buddhism, That you’re just suppose to say it’s all suffering and let it be that way. People see it like that, but it’s not at all. With real acceptance there is moving on and change. It’s just inevitable. I see that change is inevitable, so magic is like taking control over one’s life? Yes. I’d say Buddhists are very magical. I would agree with you about Buddhists.

Like Robert Thruman’s story about the horse. It was sick in the street and people said, “It’s the horse’s karma, leave it alone.” But Thurman said, “Its karma was for me to come by, and I’m going to help it.” and he did. That is an excellent example. Buddhism is sort of magic without delusion.

It’s like someone who asked me to pray for them because they had to stop smoking. I said “no” as the question didn’t even compute for me. I told him he can stop smoking. No God required. You pray openly when you recognize the person you would help seems to be praying unconsciously. That has real power, not prayer as a sop for wilful disregard of practical course. It doesn’t matter what you create with magic if they won’t stop uncreating it. In fact, it can be forced on the person, but the harm done with magic taken to that level defeats any help that might have been accomplished. If I used magic to make him quit smoking by force, his mind would reel under the weight of the external force. Though he might not keep smoking, his whole capacity for effective decision making and comprehension would be compromised.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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