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The way of thought is the way of definition. A focusing of the minds eye to see details better. People mistake control for artifice, though artifice inevitably fails.

Making Processes Happen Intentionally in Magick


One of my friends said she cast a spell to make a guy she was interested in contact her, and he came to her house and was really angry, and said, “I don’t know why I’m here.” That probably went bad as he came to subconsciously resent her.

We are all linked, and you cannot force and have no force return. The secret behind “black magicians” is they set up a gyre of force and anchor it to one event/object, and then withdraw from the event horizon. But if they manage that energy wrong, it will just fail.

I’ve seen another friend do magic to get a guy to like her, and he started liking her immediately when she was no longer interested in him. Oh, she was clinging to the energy. The same thing gets people in trouble when they try to do harm. When they see why they shouldn’t do the harm, then the harm gets done.

Ah, it backfires. Yes, usually complicating things for the harm worker as they failed to consider how this person was connected to their life.

Is this also why people notice that they find a love interest when they stop looking? Accepting is letting the energy go. They stop clinging to the energy? Exactly. If their motive was sane, then the energy when released will be healthy. Magic is really very common. The “practice” of magic is just making those processes happen intentionally, not really mysterious at all. Just sort of an art that has an outcome that seems to solve a problem. When you can accept your intention, then it can actualize.

I think I’ve been afraid of it because of the way people around me were using it. That was their defect of character, not the force itself. Destructive people destroy, no exceptions. Healthy people heal, also no exceptions.

Many people seem drawn to magic for narcissistic reasons. And narcissism can go so far as to kill in the practice of magic. They begin really clinging to delusions of transcendence.

This is why the Buddha warned people about gaining certain “ability”. Be careful it doesn’t distract you from the path. There is a fine line between telepathy and psychosis. An actual telepath knows what comes of it, what use there is in it, and what it can tell them and what it cannot. I will say there is not much use in knowing what’s in someone else’s head when you can’t deal with what’s in your own. Precognition often makes the “gifted” individual neglectful of current situations until they mature in comprehension of it. The immature precognitive often tries to live in their future.

People would have to get random destructive thoughts under control before learning to manifest things. Yes, but actually also, no. That’s why they have destructive thoughts. They feel they have to control thoughts and other things. The only control possible is negation. They have to find center before they can begin to manifest things safely. It’s called siddhi consciousness in some schools of Buddhism.

What should one do with destructive thoughts? Just let them go and not worry about them? Destructive thoughts are like bad weather. You handle them the same way. Run through them, splashing and giggling? That’s a valid option, but be willing to dry off after.

I’ve heard a Buddhist say that’s what the cushion is for. You can’t murder someone easily when sitting on a cushion. So you’re safe. Just the intention to sit in peace alters any destructive thought, neutralizes it, and can reveal the positive life force behind it that you might have not noticed. Like instead of strangling the neighbour, you really might not want to interact with them and will discover you can avoid it. Or rather than having a screaming fit at your partner, you may discover you just want a hug and will go and get that after.

Most of my destructive thoughts are things I would never do, and I wonder why it came up. Oh, that’s simple. The subconscious can conceptualize anything. If you even have a passing flash of an idea, it can take it and elaborate on it quite graphically, and if you have seen violent movies, etc. those don’t disappear from your mind whether you “remember” them or not. You have huge amounts of imagery in your head.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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