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All problems have there origin in the individual, and there perpetuation in communication. What you can do is see your individual part, and see to how it’s propagated.

Change With Will in Magick

Mind Magick

I will go into how mind magic differs from psionic practice. Psionic practice is entirely personal. A process of self discovery where the forces and symbols of your own mind are uncovered, and utilized more in an artistic way than as a science. Psionics is your own personal vision, and adapts as you come to understand the behaviour of your own energy and perception. It is almost entirely intrapersonal where as on the other hand, mind magick is interpersonal and relies heavily on what are called in some circles “memes”. Bits of experience and ideas that are communicated almost virally in a social group.

Every shared idea or experience takes on a transcendent quality. Acquires characteristics all its own well beyond how it was received by any one mind, and therefore by using those idea symbols as a focus, you can affect change even in consciousness you have never previously had contact with before. People you have never previously met, because as these idea energies are communicated between people in mundane ways, any strong intentional alteration or elaboration of one of these collective ideas or archetypes will also be communicated to everyone else who has that idea.

Is this like something being in the air and people just start thinking about it? That’s it exactly. The magickal law of sympathy acting on a psycho-social level.

An example, Let’s say I intend to perform mind magic to ease some stress in my personal social circle. Maybe two of my friends have had a falling out. If I get “emotional”, I will just charge both of their ideas and feed energy into their perception of their differences. But I can act on the shared perceptions we have of each other, specifically on my perceptions of them, and through perhaps an affirmation or visualization, or even image magick if you prefer, empower my perception of my friends as being at peace with each other. Not “maybe” at peace with each other. If your mind energy goes to the doubt the doubt will stay. You create the certainty in your own mind, maybe repeated it a couple of times, and even without direct social interference on your part (which often just makes things worse does it not?) the power of the certainty of peace you created in yourself will be communicated to them. Pull them along in your intention of peace and low and behold, change created in conformity with will.

This reminds me of how angry people have angry people around them? They often have a limited grasp of the minds power and even less of communication, and none of mind magic. So people even without any knowing at all create their own misery. They have no awareness let alone possession/control of their own will.

I’ve heard that visualizing someone healthy is more effective than thinking about their illness going away. Is this the same principal? It is exactly, but you can even take it a step further. If you yourself are healthy you can immerse your focus in your awareness of your own health, and feel your connection with them. Your health will remind their body of its healthy state.

Is this like when I’m super hyper and excited and that transfers to others? Making them hyper and they don’t know why? You can make other people hyper. They will complain of it if they don’t manage their personal energy well, and most people usually don’t. It is exactly like that. In general, people like energy and being energetic. It only creates a problem if the person has deep seated frustrations they don’t manage well.

Mind magick is more common than people think. It happens all the time. In fact, it is often why people “fail” at other magic’s. They haven’t attuned well or fully to the other forces they would use, so it’s like their mental “hands” are clumsy or sweaty. They couldn’t grasp fire energy if it wanted them to, because they aren’t able to be in contact with it. And fire energy itself doesn’t have a will, just moves with will. Usually that of a fire elemental, but can be with human will also.

Can this be done in virtual worlds like Second Life just by conveying a mood or intent to someone’s avatar without directly speaking to them? Their avatar is an idea. An idea they share with you, and are holding themselves while they are online, and even often when they are off line. So yes, if their communications have given you an awareness of their mental state, yes, you can use their avatar image to affect them. But you have to be in touch with their energy as they focus it into Second Life, as they are present and acting in this “mental” environment.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well and be what you want to see in your world.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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