Freedom is more than choice. It’s awareness of choice, but awareness of choice is not true, actualized freedom without vision. So what vision do you have for your freedom?

Change How You Be in Awareness


None of this I’m saying is new. Shall we get to the new stuff?

It’s been popular to tell people to change how they think, and that will supposedly change everything. Others say that they should change how they feel, and that will change everything. Have either of these had the miraculous impact they claim to or create apologetic rationalization for?

What I think no one is saying, and it’s why things get out of order, is change how you be. Your being is information. We think that we just are, but our sense of who and what we are shifts over time and with circumstances. It doesn’t have to be passive. That’s the part of people that I am saying is asleep. All that information that your body pulls together and presents to you as evidence that you exist, it can change.

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Notice how strange your dreams are? That’s the being “information” or intelligence in passive mode. Information and intelligence are the same thing. It shifts like it does while you sleep because what you dream about is your “being” body (or your metaphysical body), and it’s tossing in its sleep. It finds your daily experiencing disturbing, and the space it’s allowed to occupy in you to be quite cramped. Just as you wiggle and fumble to find some way to get more space for your arms or hands when they are confined, this inner being is doing the same thing, and you can actually help it. See things from its point of view. If you see fingers fumbling for the zipper, pull down the zipper. That’s how you know what to change about your awareness. Every change that gives that inner being more freedom will be improvement.

Ever notice when someone is panicked or in pain, what they tend to say is very short and simple? It’s why the information from that inner being intelligence is so crude and simplistic. The more pressure you take off it by developing your awareness more, the more range and depth and sophistication the information it provides can be to the point where there will cease to be that split. It will stand alongside your “thinking” mind, and be the same as it. Its powers readily available to your conscious thought. Its insight into the world expanding your previous view and allowing a very natural and liberating engagement that allows full deployment of all your inner resources. Does this sound farfetched?

When I’m trying to draw my wife out, my first question is, “How are you?” Only after that do I ask what is on her mind. The reason I am always asking about her state of being, is that that’s what I first relate to. Thinking is just what’s between me and that, me and her. People are very well practiced at not answering that question. They evade it like the plague. How are you? The depth and dimension that is behind that is vast, but people tell me “fine”, or give me medical symptoms, sometimes report mood.

Well, people don’t want you to unload on them. Unload on them? I will first say fine, then maybe mention a little something that happened that day, and if they seem interested, I will then give more. But if not, then I just go with the flow of the conversation. I don’t want people to necessarily load me down with words, but I do want the words if they do actually speak to their state of being. Words often cover up rather than reveal.

I have a trick with hyper intellectual types. Once they have come to trust me, when I ask them how they are and they start giving me a lot of words, I stare at them right in the eyes. Their word stream falls apart. Then they get uncomfortable and start doubting themselves. I then think to myself, oh, there you are.

You probably freak them out. Sometimes I freak them out. Then I use that heightened awareness to help them share that moment with me, really share it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well and awaken being.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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