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Aspects of Flow in Flow


Today, we are talking about flow. What do you think of when you hear the word flow? What does it mean to you on a personal level?


Smooth transitions.

Anxiety free.

Things are moving along well, going with the flow.




These are all personal answers, and what occurs to you personally is a valid answer. I do appreciate honesty even when it has a touch of the absurd, perhaps especially when it does. Flow is not a singular experience, and it has many elements.

The opposite of flow might be congestion? Yes. Congestion, and another word might be inhibition. But experiencing flow isn’t necessarily about being dis-inhibited in the commonly thought of sense.

You have two flows you deal with as an individual. The first and often overlooked is the process by which you maintain your sense of orientation in the world, your habitual thoughts and feelings as well as memory as it arises throughout the day.

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High tide and low tide. Indeed. It does have qualities in common with ocean tide. Sometimes one aspect of your inner flow obscures the other, later only to be itself hard to detect as your state of being shifts.

Does the moon also affect our bodies flow the way it does the ocean? In a number of ways it does. Nights where the moon is visible are more brightly lit, and we respond to light. The moon also affects weather conditions and we respond to changes in air pressure and temperature. So even if you want to eliminate gravity as an influence on humans, the moon still affects us anyway.

I find it hard to sleep if the moon is full. I want to stay up. I am more wakeful on all nights, but tend to want to sleep on full moon nights.

The other aspect of flow that runs alongside our stream of thought is our flow of attention. Now how often do your internal processes, your thoughts, imagination, feelings, and your focus of attention match up with each other? How often are you doing one thing and thinking about everything else but that?

What I am referring to is a trend to have the behaviour of one’s consciousness and the behaviour of one’s physical form fall out of synch with each other. When our attention and our thoughts are in synch with each other, things seem to flow smoothly, do they not? And for some people it is perhaps true that large portions of their day are like this. It is possible to learn to center ourselves in such a way that no matter the demands of our current situation, we still experience flow, but is this true for most people? The Chinese have a full body of philosophy and spirituality based on this. They call the flow, the Tao.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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