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Mind works whether we want it to or not, or is it lobotomies for all? Shall we sit in the vapid silence of not knowing anything? Or maybe move with the rhythm of the entirety of our being, evil mind and all.

Our Personal Composition in Flow


How is it we don’t all change dramatically with every little shift of events? You are given a brush and pallete full of paints and a canvas. Why don’t you just become a painter?

We are told we can’t paint or I’ve told myself I can’t paint. Yes. There is outside influence, and there is internal as well. We don’t just transform to fit any situation perfectly because although we are capable of flow, our spirits are not formless.

Where does the information we make our choices on come from? Is it all external? Shall we go through the rabbit hole as they say?

Beneath everything that makes us capable of experiencing pleasure, capable of recognizing self from a hole in the ground, you have an elemental order. The meaning behind all the genetics and hormones and even psycho-babble is found in the essence of reality itself. We don’t arbitrarily decide what quality something will have for us. What we feel as we experience each life even illuminates our own personal essential nature, and our personal composition, our individual pattern and signature, innately links us to reality in a way that is unique to us when taken as a whole.

Give me paint and brushes and I’m stuck. Give me a broken toy and I’ll start fixing it. Indeed, and this is how it should be.

Reverse that for me. Also how it should be for you, and the list of variations is endless.

Now there is a difference between the system we live with and the natural system that actually supports us and allows us to endure this otherwise artificial psychosis, and there is an unseen element behind flow. We insist on forcing a partition into the world, a shielded glass grid made up of rules and traditions and prejudices. They call these cognitive filters and consensus reality, the so called real life that some people praise so highly. But for all the sanitary restriction of flow, for all the nice orderly screening of energy in the environment, do we have the perfectly understandable world they believe in?

We have little shifts, little tugs on attention, little what if impulses that build up to a great deal of stress. Mass hysteria over fears related to the instability of the systems we think gives us security.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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