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Every moment empty of your presence is a moment made sterile and fallow.

On The Threshold in Seasons


Even if you don’t subscribe to metaphysical influences, many sceptics believe in a phenomenon that has been called mass hysteria. I offer that these are more mass movements of social consciousness than hysteria. And in this Christmas season, which has often been associated with contemplation of world peace and compassion, we can consciously embrace what was in the past just dismissed as a quaint notion. The spirit of this season doesn’t need to exist as an independent supernatural entity to have power or to empower us.

Philosophically, people have ventured notions of living as Santa Claus. What would happen if this year we really did it and did it on purpose? What if we really considered that rather than thinking of these beings as symbolism, we thought of them as life paths?

We stand at the threshold of the tomb of Lazarus (metaphorically speaking). When Jesus spoke to Lazarus, he did not just idly muse that maybe he could call him back to life. He called him with clear intention and expectation. People have been bemoaning that we have lost much that was good of our culture and human spirit in general. Well… With the eclipse on the solstice, we have our spiritual tomb. The chance has come for the sleep to end. We just have to decide it will.

Looking back over world myths, they were not just one epic event after another. In the myths, there were still very mundane things happening as well. But there were those who when they saw the time was ripe for a great work, they took hold of that time, that season, that energy, and according to the stories they reshaped our entire world. Why supposedly has this stopped being possible?

You are tired? Rest this holiday. Rest fully. Free yourself from the old world and your view of it, and do not struggle with notions of what should project into the new year. Allow it to unfold for you in an entirely new way.

With the world so busy and big now, it seems like it’s more difficult. But on the other hand, the impact can be so much stronger as well. As the cover I saw on National Geographic said, Population 7 Billion, How will the world change? It will bring social instability with its horror, and with its potential to return us to the fundamental facts of the human spirit as well.

Also, there is a love/hate relationship people have with Facebook now. But I do see it as revolutionizing social patterns in the world. A whole new paradigm of connections with people and putting our real selves on the internet. The internet started as a way to disguise ourselves. That’s changing. And there is another seasonal related fact. Zynga has risen to be a bigger video game company than Electronic Arts, in large part by appealing to peoples desire to give and to be part of a community. Facebook games seem to be almost predominantly the giving of gifts. More that than competition like classical video games favoured. Even games like World Of Warcraft have taken off because there is a shift in current consciousness. A desire to return to the tribe. To find ones supportive place even in virtual communities. We won’t survive by creating and keeping the formerly so very popular “competitive edge”. Those who go forward will prosper to the degree they can embrace cooperation.

There is an exhibit in Second Life. Digital Anthropology looking at the impact of digital communication via internet on social behavior. Looking not only at its presence, but also its form. There are spirits active in virtual space as well as in what we call “real space”.

It isn’t just the planet that has energy shortage issues. Our minds do as well. This is why depression is now on par with the disease we so commonly hear of this season. People get depressed these days as often as they catch a cold. But this can and will change as is evidenced by some recent psychological studies done in some of the more third world cultures where they struggle just to get enough to eat. By comparison to the more prosperous countries, they have very little depression, and it isn’t because of the horror of their lives. It’s because living as they do, with everyone pushed to the wire, it makes people really look hard at their priorities.

They don’t place as much value on material “stuff”. And they know that they have the desire to live in common with their neighbour. They want to cooperate. They have an immediate reason they should. So as far as we in the wealthier countries go, maybe it doesn’t matter so much if you are being suckered? Does it really matter if that homeless guy wants to spend the money he asks for on beer? Maybe it doesn’t matter if the little boy or girl have made you happy? Maybe they should be shown generosity anyway?

You’re giving them recognition. Which always has been important, but will be even more so in the year to come.

To be someone is a big deal. Yes. It’s by the discovery of who we really are that we will have the chance to see and be what we can really become. The wall of human bricks has to come down. Why not this Christmas?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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