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Spirit Of The Holiday in Seasons


Any thoughts about the spirit of the holiday, friends?

I like to think it’s not about stuff, but presents are important maybe more for the giver than the receiver. I agree. I had a fair number of things before I married, and none of them had any real value. Had they been stolen, I would have cared very little. But with her and sharing these things with her, I see value in my old possession I had never seen before. They have that value not of themselves, but because of what they are when I share them with her.

I personally love it when people make things for my Christmas gift. Even if it’s just a CD of my favourite songs. That’s still a CD you didn’t have, and the thought and feeling that went behind it which couldn’t have been purchased for you.

The most valuable gift I ever gave, perhaps, was one December when I had the option to go out to a fast food place. It was just a nice little perk to me, but not very important. I saw a man on the side of the street not far from there. I paused in my car and he approached. He told me he was hungry, so I gave him my dinner. It didn’t matter to me. A burger was just one of my options of something to eat, but meant everything to him.

If I gave you the world today friends, what would you do with it? If I had the power to make you the owner of the entire world, what would that matter? If I were given ownership of the entire world, I would give it back.

Merry Christmas. I use the term Christmas, because it’s at the core of what most people I talk to think about this season. I respect their spirituality, or abstinence from it, but ultimately we all grew up with Christmas, if not in our immediate families then in our communities.

If someone says to me happy … whatever their holiday is … I say thank you and not how dare you shove your culture in my face. I accept Happy Hanukah the same as Merry Christmas, and Happy Kwanza works too. It’s all the same spirit.

As we all should since they are usually meant in good spirits. Yes, and if it is spiteful, then give them the gift of peace they apparently need anyway. If someone sneers at me, I always consider that I can give them peace. I don’t have to fight them. There isn’t often any real virtue in fighting the cruel person. They need the break they won’t give themselves.

Any thoughts about the season you would like to share, my friends? I will wish you the most peaceful and positive and freeing Christmas you have every had and wish you an inspired new year.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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