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Any subtle feeling you experience… It’s not invalid. Treat it as natural and a real part of the world, and you will not go insane.

Preparing For The New in Seasons


What should we do to prepare for upcoming changes and the new year? Let’s bring this to something easily related to.

For a good many people, this holiday has a dark pall that hangs around it. They find it very depressing. The reason being, they mistake yearning for hope and intention for renewal. When you are stuck in yearning and planning you resist the introduction of the new into your life that can come in this season. You instead convert all of this energy you are gifted with into even further fuel for drama in the coming year.

To prepare for every new year, you must allow the energy from the previous year to subside, to resolve itself. Turn inward to let your heart guide your first moments of the new year without the burden of your old mistaken notions of what should come to pass.

I guess that’s why it should be a time of celebration? To cleanse and open ourselves? Exactly. You can’t get off to a better start than with laughter and loving affirmation of your connection to life and those you live it with.

But for this upcoming year of 2011, which I think is more specifically what you were asking, we need to open our minds to the “impossible.” Children naturally do this. They don’t have all the mental constructs that we screen our perception of the world through. So like a child believing in Santa for no reason at all, we should enter this year with the attitude of, “Who knows?” Because only when your perception is clear of old noise can it see new things.

One can wind up preserving an illusion, because they would rather hear the echo of an old song in their ears than take in a new tune. Like when someone jumps the gun and assumes they know what you are going to say, and instead gives you the la la la, when you were actually going to tell them something about this moment. Like maybe that they are about to step in front of a car. 2011 will be a high traffic year. We will need to be prepared to look not just both ways, but in many new ways.

Especially in the States all the stress and turmoil at this pivotal stage in their cultural transition will highlight very clearly things that need to end for them, and many will stick to their guns no matter the cost. This will just underscore the new age that we approach all the more clearly, and will decide their role for decades to come. It won’t just be about re-electing Obama or not. The events of the upcoming year and the 2012 election will be perhaps the most conscious decision about direction that they have made in decades.

Every country will face its own version of this transition in the coming year, and embracing our most life affirming traditions and beliefs will be a powerful force for positive guidance to come.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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