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The system of ‘should’ doesn’t seem to have anyone who’s knowingly in charge. It’s sort of like a mental virus. Choice is power. Should is force and static.

Renewal Cycle in Stress


Why does our stress effect physical health? Disruption of the renewal cycle.

Stress is a big factor in heart disease is it not? It is yes, perhaps the biggest. The renewal cycle is a conversion between actual and potential energy. You must act and accept being acted upon, and if you fight this dynamic it’s like strangling yourself.

It raises the blood pressure. When you are very stressed you can feel it.  You can feel your own blood pressure pounding in your veins, and often people ignore this. They think about acting only and refuse to acknowledge and make choices regarding how they are acted upon.

My sister said she thrived on stress and loved it at work. She’s now in very ill health and has had open heart surgery. She still refuses to see the connection.  No one thrives on typical stress or distress alone. You are connected to the world. You are only an endless fountain of energy when you accept your identity as connected to the world itself as a whole. The tough guy will rapidly be a dead guy. Seen from the flow of the world itself, so will the strong woman. You aren’t a self made person.

Can the damage to the heart be reversed? The body heals by the way of nature, not the way of your prejudice. If you yell at your body to try to make it do what you command, will it?

It might at first, but it will keep talking back and eventually scream back at you. True. It might seem to cooperate, but that’s despite you not because of you. It gets hurt and feels rejected. Rejected body = death.

Why don’t people want to see the connection and take responsibility? Because they would have to admit they are acted upon. That they are not the origin of self, and that the ego is a lie.

The phrase, “Let go. Let God” comes to mind. That phrase works. If you go out into the sun, the sun is acting on you. It’s how you see, and how you feel warm. The air is acting on you. It energizes your body chemistry, and even refreshes your skin.

Revs it up. The sun is not my eyes, but it allows me to see. Both true, and other people aren’t different than the sun or the wind, and whether or not you like this idea, you need them too.

They help me grow by acting upon me, otherwise I stagnate?  They are part of the same awareness you are. You got something you needed very much from your parents, the consensus contact. It can also be called love. You cannot love another and also declare that you have no common ground.

Tests of total isolation including complete deprivation of any sensory stimuli have shown its effects. Not good.  They are very damaging, and those who declare no common ground are hurting themselves, their loved ones, and very simply lying.

Our word “aloha” does the connecting right off the bat, regardless of. What we may think is or is not connecting regardless of sense of commonality. It recognizes that and honours it. To speak it is to activate it, so when we say a negative word…boom. So, yes. People disparage words, especially in the continental US, but there is no division between words and actions. Mahalo is probably an excellent word for freeing yourself from distress.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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