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The body has the way. The mind loses the way.

Cycle of Renewal in Renewal


Why don’t you feel a physical storm is the end of the world?

I know storms are usually pretty short lived, and if you wait a bit things will begin to clear. And if humans let psychic storms be, they would be short lived also. But in that case they resist, and instead make themselves short lived and the psychic storm rages on. Managed appropriately, a psychic storm will play out. But like a firestorm, if you feed it your energy it will not only consume all that, but will spark other people as well.

How do we know renewal when we see it?

I suppose grief comes first, but then renewal comes after the grief. That is the cycle. It’s a physical law, psycho-physical. Grief then renewal. If no rain comes, then everything will catch fire. If no tears come, then all life energy will be consumed in time. The peace after the storm. Peace is renewal. Hope springs eternal. Do we ever really hope for anything other than peace?

It seems that some people haven’t figured out that is the goal. They are living with the external locus of control. All of the external things “must.” They have a life full of musts, but does nature care for what anyone thinks “must happen”? Anyone see any evidence in their lives that any idea of what they think must happen is literally true?

Nothing. Honestly neither do other people. This is a very liberating insight. Nature doesn’t care what must happen, so what does happen comes about for a reason that isn’t “universal.” You can’t blame nature. Who is to blame?

Some blame God. Who is Gods buddy that their expectation of what must happen actually happens? What God favours any one soul so much that life conforms to their will? The Gods have much more important things to do, like keep all these soul storms from wrecking reality for everything.

If you understand that in any situation, all you need do is keep your center and act from that understanding, what can control you? What will ruin you in your world if you are not off your balance?

So it is silly to think ‘why’ when tragedies happen, because maybe there is no why? Exactly. The why would not satisfy your mind, and it’s good it won’t. Because honestly, that image of your self that you criticise so much, what if that were really the world?

So the same with wanting to place blame? Why some people are so eager to know whose fault something was when knowing won’t solve the problem? Yes, placing blame is also pointless. Knowing never solves problems, literally never. When knowing seems to solve a problem, it’s actually because it wasn’t a problem. Just a situation that was responded to with an informed choice.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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