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Shadow Cast in Burden


Today, we are talking about a heavy topic. We are talking about burden. I will open with the question, What is burden?

That which weighs heavily on our minds.

The monkey on our back, at times provided to you by others.

For me, it is a thing that you must face and you can do little or nothing to change it. Money is one for me.

Ok. I will go ahead with that. Burden is the degree to which you are distracted from your own patterns, your own rhythms. It’s the shadow cast by your own light.

Anything that doesn’t resonate with your internal sense of self will be perceived as a burden, and in fact, there is much in our society that supposedly gives reason for us to bear this burden. It’s even sometimes seen as moral. What do you think?

I often wonder why cattle give in to pulling carts for us, and horses let us ride them on their backs. Are they facing a burden? Mostly, they are not bearing a burden. Animals in general are much more accepting of their selves and their environments than humans are. They do react to whatever it is they are experiencing, and they keep harmony with the natural world as a matter of course.

I’ve noticed that my burdens are due to my perceptions, and yes, society praises me for many of them. Do tell. How do your perceptions burden you? For example, our pasts are often a burden (bad experiences, hurt, trauma, etc.), but there is no reason other than myself for why something in the past is any kind of burden.

If I think I “should” do something, I feel a burden till I take action. Where do these “should” concepts come from?  Internally? Is that so? Programming? Peer pressure? Yes. They form in a social footprint we occupy, a shadow. But just like shadows, though the light source is pure, the shape of the shadow is often distorted. Why are shadows distorted?

Such as people with post-traumatic stress disorder? Indeed. That being a dramatic case, but there are more subtle shades of what is basically the same thing.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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