'Burden' Chapter


Burden is the degree to which you are distracted from your own patterns, your own rhythms. Anything that doesn’t resonate with your internal sense of self will be perceived as a burden. The reason burden, and bearing it arises, is because we have come to ignore our true natures, often to the detriment of our physical and mental health.

There is a way that we can be in the world, but it begins by putting our personal presence first. Only then can we be present for others and others be fully present for us. The only good you have to offer is your own good. The only good you can really receive is your own good.

All burden is paradox. In every vision of burden, you have the secret of freedom as well. If life is burden then Atlas will inevitably weep, but if life is the place where you live, then even the biggest challenges will leave no lasting scars.

“Every burden is a blessing.” Walt Kelly

“No burden is so heavy for a man to bear as a succession of happy days.” Max Planck

Shadow Cast

Today, we are talking about a heavy topic. We are talking about burden. I will open with the question, What is burden? That which weighs heavily on our minds. The monkey on our back, at times provided to you by… Seek More

Being Overshadowed

Shadows are distorted by the interplay of light being reflected off of other objects. They can even be obscured by the shadow of another, thus we have the idea of being “overshadowed”. The father wanting his son to follow certain… Seek More

Personal Presence First

Where do we find the experience of self? Personally, only within. Experience is what I see mirrored to me in others. I think in ourselves, and in our interactions with others. When we explore our inner nature, do we discover… Seek More

The Only Burden

We are multifaceted beings like little suns of life force. A light source that can cast long shadows, and our full being is like an elemental force. Can we give more than that? Can we give less? I think we… Seek More

First and Foremost a Person

What would the world be like if there were no roles? No rich or poor? No holy or profane? Everyone living with every ugly little detail out for all to see? Burdens are lifted when all is revealed? When all… Seek More

Life Without Burden

I live a life without burden, which doesn’t mean I am no burden to others. To offer my ugly side on the chance it may have worth, I am not adequately able to read other peoples subtle messages, those instinctive… Seek More

Work From Desire

You don’t have to ignore anything, quite the contrary, just choose. Have you ever really been burdened by a choice? Only because you have an idea of “should”, otherwise you work from desire. Does desire care for what you should?… Seek More

Trust Feeling

Control is putting the brakes on life. It has limited use. In fact, there is a simple guide for when you actually need to exert control. The same thing that makes you avoid cooking your hand on the stove, makes… Seek More