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The body has the way. The mind loses the way.

The Only Burden in Burden


We are multifaceted beings like little suns of life force. A light source that can cast long shadows, and our full being is like an elemental force. Can we give more than that? Can we give less?

I think we are afraid to give too much to the wrong person. There is the sticking point, the concept of the wrong person. There is only one wrong person, and that person is the wrong one only because we have decided they are. Do you know who I am talking about?

Our self? This is the real burden, the only burden. We have looked at ourselves and looked at others, and decided that self is not permitted by others. Is this a useful idea?

We start out behaving in a very natural way. We are very human, very down to earth, and very open hearted, but we run across should statements, ideals, principles, rules. What impact do these have on us?

They enclose us, make us afraid, wary, judgemental. Behaviour modification. Because we need love, we accept this. Our instincts tell us that our lives depend on it, and to a degree this is true in a strictly material sense, but what about our living? We may live, but are we living? Is being alive even enough?

Then we are going thru the motions of living like on a moving platform, taking us here and there, duties, and responsibilities. No, it isn’t. Sound like the so called real life? If this model of life is true, then why aren’t more people thriving?

Many see Monday to Friday as burden. And workaholics see Saturday and Sunday that way as well. I shudder to imagine what that is like.

I see money as a burden because it seems like everyone is in conflict over it. They expect Obama to magically solve the US debt and I don’t think that will happen. Yes, and such thinking is absurd. It won’t happen because it can’t happen, but why can’t it?

So money is burden and money is freedom. Paradox. All burden is paradox. In every vision of burden, you have the secret of freedom as well.

Any game played on God mode gets boring. Indeed, but the mode of being I speak of is very far from God mode.

We need some stress to thrive. And living fully would add some stress, and add a great deal of energy as well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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