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Shrug Off the Burden of Guilt in Innocence


How do we shrug off the burden of guilt?  This is the binding that warps and twists our spiritual trees. The people of India have an ancient saying, “The slayer who thinks he slays is slain.”

Some cultures have this burden of guilt, some others have a burden of shame. Same poison either way though.

Oh gosh yes, here too. If you hurt another, you have done the same to your self. Indeed, socialized context or individual context.

What moves the little child, really still a baby, to try and stand?

To see the world?

Those muscles, just gotta dance, gotta dance.

What if you don’t have to fix anything? What if you don’t have to do better or be better? What would you do?

Just be. Do what we will?

We don’t have those motivators. We do not do better for just the self. We do better in learned skills that are shared. Yes, even American educators are discovering that learned sharing tasks work better than individual assignments. This is a big thing for them, world changing even. They even have the “science” to back it up. Somehow the socialization reinforces the memory formation in the brain.

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Yes, our halau share learning. The advanced lei po’o maker teaches the younger one how. We don’t need science to see how it is a very good strategy. Yes, human intuition and simple experience would be sufficient. It is very often sufficient.

There is a school in Arizona that teaches like that. Excellent. I strongly anticipate that there will be more. It hopefully will even become part of the norm world wide. The Japanese have a tradition regarding higher grade students. They are held responsible for the lower grade students to some degree and are expected to help them learn as well as manage socially appropriate behaviour.

In this place, each new student has an older student mentor to help them. Ah yes, so more or less the same system, maybe without as much weight.

And they grow vegetables and raise chickens too. Excellent activity.

In Hawaii we grow our own gourds for drums. Our own sacred foods are about us, so we take care. Like taking care of a family member, you likely won’t eat grandpa though you will eat because of grandpa.

Would you stop wanting do do things or learn things if you don’t have to fix things or improve yourself?

In one of his books, Robert Thurman talks about how the feeling of anxiousness and hurry suddenly left him, and it seems like stopping wanting to fix things would be like that.

I want to learn more because to be able to make an elaborate beautiful lei is a wondrous experience. And then after all that work, we give the lei away, too. Indeed, if we aren’t labouring under the burden of guilt, we are moved instead by our heart, our desire, simply enjoying and living life and well, LOVE.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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