People call illusion reality, and refute the real as illusion.

Stop Wanting to Fix Things in Innocence


How much do most people do just because they like or love it? If they only like doing it, why don’t they love it?

Because some things to do are more likeable than others? Oh, indeed. I like to do the dishes. Sorry, not in love with that. I wouldn’t try to claim that everyone should like all things equally. That would serve no purpose at all. Even be harmful really. How could anyone excel or contribute in their own special way if everyone favoured everything equally?

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Learning to be selective is also part of education, but that could be another topic. Indeed, will add it to our topic list.

We have a kinship based not on simple biology which is very general. We have a kinship for people and things based on our own inner shape.

To continue with the tree metaphor, we each took root in different patches of ground as is right and necessary. Each of these patches of ground or points of view has it’s own shape, it’s own specific character, as is also natural and necessary. But just as with a tree, our growth is shaped by where we grow. Where we grow and how we grow are the same thing. My roots may have had to work around a rock. Your’s might have had to stay above marshy water, but do we gain by twisting our spiritual trees in unnatural ways? If so how? What would happen if you try to manually repair a tree? Like nail a board to it, does that help?

Splice/wrap it. I’m talking repairing a tree that hasn’t previously been hurt, just because you think maybe it needs to be better.

Crack. You could injure it. Yes, if you are lucky it simply won’t have a meaningful impact on it, but do we stop at simple efforts?

Not usually. Why not? We always think it can be improved. We start to judge our improvements as needing fixing. Perhaps more specifically that it’s “on our heads” to make it right? That we personally are responsible for fixing it and betray if we don’t?

Any questions or comments about innocence? Have I given any better of an idea of what it is or how to recover it?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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