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The world is not a machine, You can’t fix it. You can only scar it or let it heal and grow.

Things To Come in Social Order

I am a product of the newer mindset. I won’t go into too much detail as that tends to prove tedious.

I am among what is called the high functioning autistic set. My area of focus/obsession has been assimilating world sociological/ spiritual/ philosophical systems. My type of people tend to be obsessed with systems.

What I have been able to deduce is that there are common elements running through all neuro-typical experience, and in fact even in the ADD / Wired Culture. Even in this new hyper accelerated information age, the insights arrived at by the older culture remain valid. They endure in an even more empowered form. Overstated, really. Thus leading to much of the popular delusions currently being exhibited. Preoccupations and trends, the darker side of mysticism, vampire eroticism, supernatural and alien conspiracy theories. All an attempt to find symbols for forces that are no longer adequately explained by the old cognitive language matrix. Even the trend demonstrated by celebrity psychics and things like that. Although quite entertaining, it demonstrates an apathy that will become quite costly to us if we continue to ignore this growing need.

Does a bridge need to be established in the language matrix between the two sets of thought? Indeed, this is necessary.

Perhaps that is quantum physics? The mystical science as a bridge? That is a start. Too bad they seem pretty determined to bog down in an antiquated commercialism based on the old paradigm.

Some sort of pattern both can understand? Yes. It’s even being established in an awkward way. A case of the blind leading the blind. A sort of return to tribalism, internet clans, gaming guilds, social networks. These are the skeleton of things to come. It needs more support and guidance to put flesh on the bones.

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Yes. Social order that the traditional governments are very afraid of. This is why the current agenda for clamping down on internet communication and behaviour has become so heated. Second Life itself is being recognized as an agent of psychological and cultural change.

Freedom is a threat to security, especially other people’s freedom. It’s a trust meltdown. Indeed. You can see how fractured it is with the US government complaining both about restrictive policy in China and at the same time declaring criminals of those putting US gov’t info online.

So the lab rat is chewing through the bars, but that is neither optimal for the lab animal or the potential social engineer. The fact is, we will need a social order as we will need a way to cooperate with each other. Always have and always will. So why is it the world is locked in a psycho-social fear of falling, like panic?

I still wouldn’t trust a lab rat with leading. Indeed. The mall rat is also equally ill equipped to lead. But they do know what they need, and it’s pretty clear who and what they absolutely will not follow, is it not?

Mine was dubbed Generation X. Now they speak of Generation Y. Why are we lingering in what seems to be a perpetual terminus state culturally?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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