'Social Order' Chapter


We have a social order even now, though it isn’t something that people are generally conscious of. Humanity sees their society as a closed system, one dictated by choice, and that positions are held by the merit of the individual occupying the position of privilege. People want stability more than they want freedom.

The fact is we need a social order as we need a way to cooperate with each other. Always have and always will. With the potential that is arising now, we could move into a new dream time with feats of creativity unthinkable to even our current awareness.

“As long as our social order regards the good of institutions rather than the good of men, so long will there be a vocation for the rebel.” Richard Roberts

“Today Americans are overcome not by the sense of endless possibility but by the banality of the social order they have erected against it.” Christopher Lasch (American social critic)

“Our individual lives cannot, generally, be works of art unless the social order is also.” Charles Horton Cooley

Basis Of Social Order

The topic of Social Order is a bit controversial. I apologize for any offence that might be given in advance. My ability to anticipate peoples reactions is somewhat poor. We have a social order even now, though it isn’t something… Seek More

Future Adaptation

Areas of our world all seem to be going through massive changes right now. I think it’s fascinating and maybe for the good. The problem in this era is that the system itself has become unstable. Its original source of… Seek More

Things To Come

I am a product of the newer mindset. I won’t go into too much detail as that tends to prove tedious. I am among what is called the high functioning autistic set. My area of focus/obsession has been assimilating world… Seek More

Shared Awareness

Is there a common ground to humanity? The planet is the common ground. Survival? Survival is no longer a common ground. The harmony of nature has grown to be too altered. The coherent context that the planet once provided has… Seek More

New Dream Time

My kids are at a pow-wow this weekend with their grandparents. That is their sense of self. The tradition of our ancestors that keeps them and me grounded. That is individually. As a whole, I am not sure. Now we… Seek More

Social Structure

Years ago Zuckerberg said that “the age of privacy is over” so I never joined Facebook. Also, it’s incredibly easy to “hack” so your private images aren’t really private. I think privacy is overrated. Don’t tell that to all the… Seek More

Are We Socially Identical?

I must start with a question. Are we all socially identical? Yes and no. Society wants us to think we aren’t. Is everyone equally prepared to utilize any resource given them? No. I think so. I find the people least… Seek More

The Point of Discrimination

So what is the point of all this discrimination? Manage supply to meet demand. And my previous question, what if as a hard and fast rule, we didn’t trust anything or anyone? What would that be like? I am pretty… Seek More

Social Evil

So why is privilege seen as a social evil? Why is it supposed to be a disallowed thing? Privilege that is not deserved. How do we determine someones deserving status? It’s only the lower classes that think they want what… Seek More

Barriers to Success

So, people hate and fear the underprivileged. Why is that? We instinctively greet any evidence of sickness, weakness or disturbance with a very visceral disgust. I don’t think people necessarily fear the underprivileged. They fear criminals. For example, the Amish… Seek More