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The act of speaking to spirits doesnt change the spirits. It changes you. Act as if you were they, and you will have their power.

More Than One Field of Privilege in Social Order


Now the metaphysics of all this… There are layers to this issue of privilege, depth beyond most peoples consideration. So as for the depth, there is the politically correct model of privilege which is not talked about or acknowledged but is the most emotionally comfortable for society at large.

Perhaps it’s because there is a way to behave that will facilitate success whether you are a man or a woman and any guy that doesn’t behave that way would also be excluded. I know I have experienced that. There is no such way. There is no intellectual equality. Rationality offers no out from this issue. There is no level playing field, but there is also more than one field.

The ‘way’ is determined by who makes the rules.

Yes, true. The owner of the business decides how the organization is run.

Do you think that is likely to change? I do, yes, but the change will not be graceful.

There is the socially accepted field, business, politics and religion, and then there is the shadow field, the domain of the dirty little social secrets where the real social contests take place, and might makes right. Does this sound wrong? Am I full of it?

The surface field pays lip service to fairness, even if it doesn’t actually allow it. The shadow field pays no such lip service, the backroom deals and they don’t care about anything other than outcome.

Like the business on the golf course?

Definitely there are office politics. If you get on the wrong side of the gossip clique, you are screwed.

It is more powerful.

There is one more field, the primal field, and this one scares everyone. It is very little understood but instinctively sensed. Cultures that lived close to nature understood it better, even developed words for it. The authority derived from it, mana, ashe, divine charisma, the right of kings in the earliest sense of that concept. When it comes down to survival situations, new leadership emerges, and titles and publicly acknowledged authority mean little or nothing.

Maybe we won’t always be ruled by money.

We all know that person whose intuitive sense of the social weather is uncannily accurate. That person who has a strange sense of other peoples physical and emotional state, aware of impending illness or distress long before it emerges. We also know that person who always seems to know when a fight is coming of one form or another and who will be involved, often even why the fight is going to occur. Does this match your experience of reality?

We don’t just defer to the strong. We ultimately defer to primal authority when we have to, when we’re scared and can’t handle things in the way we normally do. Even dogs, domestic dogs I mean, have been found to follow the most friendly in their group rather than the strongest. The one that promotes group cohesion best. Being socially minded they are drawn to the one who supports that best.

Popularity is power.

The reason there are such things as organized crime, and cohesive fringe military organizations, is primal authority/privilege transcends conscious understanding. No ones permission is needed for authority to arise in a social group. We organize according to our needs, and our needs can shift, our awareness can shift. It’s the bedrock of human nature that shapes things or forms the foundation for how things get twisted. It’s natural for us to form a social ecosystem, but add tangential thinking on top of that and you pervert it into a system that will sustain the illusion of order even if genuine order suffers, that neither knows nor cares about the genuine purpose or use of human ability. In a sense, the system of hereditary titles still exist. Rather than being openly, publicly acknowledged, these titles are sustained through social expectation.

Yes, the same people still run the world, even though we have the illusion of democracy. Yes.

So an alternative before I conclude. Trust your gut over your imagined perception. Ask yourself is this a living role I see? Is this person genuinely engaged in the goals and purpose their role is supposed to support?

Ultimately, you will feel it if the person is real. There are real spiritual leaders, those who do genuinely want to support peoples spiritual understanding and well being. There are real political leaders, those who do genuinely want to foster their communities well being and prosperity. These tend to be small scale, local individuals.

I hope this was useful in some small way. Society is only a problem to the degree that it serves as a distraction from real human need, from real human nature, and real human ability. I personally feel concepts like the economy are a hideous lie, justifying insanity that hurts us all. That’s just my view.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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