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Not two souls but many souls are bound on the spirit, and they commune when in spirit. We are infinite beings and are not defined or definable by a single bond.

Are We Socially Identical? in Social Order


I must start with a question. Are we all socially identical?

Yes and no.

Society wants us to think we aren’t.

Is everyone equally prepared to utilize any resource given them?


I think so.

I find the people least able to navigate the system are the ones who could use its services, but they’re hindered.

I will admit I have no use for a doctors scalpel, what about you?

I use one but on books.

I try to stay away from them.

If everyone is equally prepared to use any resource they are given, shall we have Starbucks baristas do kidney surgeries? If not, why not? If so, why?

Then the price of kidneys will go up.

If so, yes. I think competition is good.

If the barista has a medical degree and someone collapses in the Starbucks…

They need the skills and training.

Why is a degree needed?

Proof of qualification. It shows they have the skills and knowledge.

Why are skills and training needed? Why do we need to be qualified? Aren’t we all equally prepared?

Not when it comes to skills. We need to be trained. Not when it comes to skills, not when it comes to thoughts or perceptions. These being intimately linked.

Because otherwise awful things happen like politicians that don’t understand economics or science making laws that are idiotic.

Certified doctors cheat people.

Both of those things do happen.

We need some way to verify someone we don’t know can do something. Why do we need that?

So I have a level of confidence they won’t cheat me. Trust. What is this trust that we set up special certifications to justify?

We are dumb to trust someone just because they are so called professional.

Yes, is why I say a ‘level of confidence.’ There is no guarantee. Why is there no guarantee?

My family doctor told me that this surgeon is very good and comes with high recommendations. So I trust my doctor.

The certifications help us save time in screening people. Isn’t screening people practising social inequality? Yes. Isn’t that morally wrong?

No, it’s only morally wrong with the basic human abilities.

It’s only inequality if only certain people are allowed to become doctors. If everyone has the same opportunity to go to medical school, than it is fair. Only certain people are allowed to become doctors. Our education process screens people from becoming doctors.

What would happen if we trusted literally nothing? Nothing and no one?

Things would go very slowly for one.

There are economic barriers as well as intellectual barriers, but anyone can go to medical school. Not everyone can pass or earn their certification from medical school.

Not if the medical school was outside of the country they want to practice in. We don’t trust professionals that don’t speak our language well.

Not everyone would want to go to medical school.

More then economic… you have to write essays and show group involvement etc.

Indeed, there are social barriers as well. An introverted doctor would find it hard if not impossible to proceed in that path.

I’ve heard that dental schools can be very subjective. They are as a matter of policy.

I can try and become an Olympic runner if I want to, but if I can’t run as fast as the other guy, then he deserves the medal and I don’t. Without sponsorship your efforts at becoming an Olympic runner are more or less a waste of time.

Why do we discriminate on intellectual ability?

I think the intellectual discrimination is purely an arbitrary way to cull the pack. I’ve seen very capable people that don’t get good grades.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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