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The Point of Discrimination in Social Order


So what is the point of all this discrimination?

Manage supply to meet demand.

And my previous question, what if as a hard and fast rule, we didn’t trust anything or anyone? What would that be like?

I am pretty close to that. It’s exhausting.

I don’t like hard and fast rules.

Most people trust systems. There is a cognitive bias that governs about 90 percent of peoples behaviour in general. We believe readily available information, and we are bombarded by information about rules and protocol constantly, more or less all day every day. In general, we don’t stop to reflect on this. It would take too much time and energy and be too confusing, largely crippling really, of our ability to make it through the human social environment.

So can you have definition without social barriers? Defined roles without social distinctions? Can a doctor beg for change in the street?

I don’t know, maybe another way is possible?

I think that happens sometimes if he can’t work or has lost his license.

It’s a joke now that your cab driver likely has a PhD.

Why can’t that supposedly high level professional beg for spare change in the street? If they did, how would people react?

He or she probably wouldn’t make much dressed like a doctor.

Their credibility would go away.

I’ve heard that begging in the street can make you more money than a minimum wage job. It potentially can, yes, especially if you don’t actually live on the street. That type of beggar is an object of some hate in street culture. We have expectations. We construct a social ecosystem in our minds.

But there are people that use food banks when they are without work. We do not judge them. So why judge a doctor for begging? We do judge them, or many people do. Some of the social services, that aren’t so dramatically stigmatized, avoid it only because they can remain invisible, behind the scenes. If we can see it then we instinctively restrict it.

But we do not know they are a doctor, just a beggar.

If a rich person is utilizing resources that are supposed to go to poor people, then that will make a lot of people angry.

So just as we identify trees and grass and birds and dogs and cats, we identify types of people in our environment. Tell me, have you ever in your life been able to avoid doing that? How well would you function if you didn’t identify these types of human being?

Not as well. It would be slow going.

Being able to categorize people is a self defense mechanism like a rabbit hearing a hawk.

It’s a structural organization mechanism as well. Tribe’s villages and societies don’t work without it. Many of our surnames are actually role labels, originally were, though we have forgotten what many of those words mean. Joe Smith at one time would have been the smith. Jim Carpenter would indeed have been a carpenter, as would William Farmer be a farmer.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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