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Yin and Yang in Social Dynamic

Social Dynamic

All of nature, human and otherwise, observes a pattern and observable duality. Some decry this as human ignorance, but I will offer a different view.

Consider the Chinese symbol yin and yang. Some see it as a symbol of duality, and don’t go much further with it. But I find it the simplest most direct way of explaining the seeming paradox of duality versus unity. For one, it isn’t just two seemingly opposed fields of all black and all white is it? The two fields form a circle, and this is deliberate. A square suggests structure and unitization does it not? But universally what does a circle imply?



The symbol we are discussing still has two clear fields, even if at their heart they have the opposite force. The symbol, or “taiji” as it’s known, symbolizes the Tao or way. Nothing being truly static. Negative and positive, fire and water, male and female. They exist in “seeming” opposition, and emphasis is on the seeming.

Material and non material? Indeed. To make a reference to the Second Life virtual world, we have our material selves and we have non material selves there. Is either really the one truth?

But it is still ourselves. A lot of folk seem to want one or the other to only be the truth, when I can be both? Yes, the one truth can be said that there isn’t one truth.

It’s just a different expression of ourselves? Yes. It is a heavy handed agenda in new age circles to deride anything that isn’t unity. Tell me have any of you really seen unity?

It depends what you define as unity? True, it does. The unity that denies opposition, that they seem quite enamoured with, is this something people have seen?

They push each other to keep the cycle going? Actually they hold it in stasis, and the static cannot endure.

Yin and yang represents a symbiotic relationship? Ah indeed, well said, and they deny the symbiosis of the relationship. There are people who are characterized as negative, and their negativity is commonly dismissed as ignorance, is this fair? Is it fair to judge them like that?

We are all both positive and negative, but like handedness we favour one mode over another. Men who favour what are considered feminine mannerisms are often criticised and judged poorly also, is this just? The accusations of sexual deviance may even be false, but will still be forced on this person.

We are free to experience whatever we want as long as we don’t harm others. Yes, that is my point. We are in opposition and in unity. The mistaken idea isn’t the duality, the mistaken idea is enmity.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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