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Thought creates. All creation is revelation.

Reflection in Social Dynamic

Social Dynamic

One thing about some religions is they require submission to the male, the husband. This was one reason I couldn’t stay in that culture. There are cultures, though more rare, that were matriarchies.

Yes, it seems like these codifications happen. To address the issue of codification, there is cognition and there is recognition. Cognition can be totally arbitrary. Cognition = thought. Recognition is also known as realization, and we give very little room in our society for realization.

I knew a salesman. He lived and breathed his work and expressed that by determining which kind of person someone is. That is how he got sales. Yes, and he was right, nor was he being unethical necessarily.

Our potential is not discovered by cognition. It can’t be discovered by cognition, because it’s potential. Cognition can really only deal with the active and the known. Even deductive reasoning or projective imagination still work with the active or the known. Was anyone ever thinking and had an “I didn’t know that!” moment?  Or does that usually jump in between the thoughts by process of reflection?

We retard our children’s learning process. As a commercial I saw just today pointed out, semi-literate infants aren’t prodigies. Their minds are working quite naturally.  Basically, literate toddlers aren’t geniuses, but they had the opportunity to keep their mind working naturally. In the infant and toddler stages their brains aren’t even fully developed. They are just using a very natural part of human brain function, reflection. We don’t allow much time from recognition after experience.

This explains why so many are stuck trying to figure out their ‘purpose in life’? Yes.

Do all primates share that function, like chimps who can learn sign language, etc.? Yes, it would seem so. Recently a chimp in a Swedish zoo was observed to have an interesting behaviour. He would gather rocks in the morning to have them ready to throw at humans who would anger him later in the day. He recognized that humans keep coming. Was it a deductive process? No, it didn’t involve any need to abstract anything. It isn’t hard to find rocks and no real problem solving was needed. We problem solve obsessively.

One of those ‘no brainers’? Yes, are there really no brainers for humans? Do we allow there to be no brainers?

In some ways chimps are more intelligent ones, no surprise there. Yes, in ways. They have been proven to have better short term memories than we do. They aren’t stuck in that problem solving loop.

Even if we do get one we have to explain it, so we are expected to think it through and rationalize. Yes, and it distorts our sense of ourselves, of the world, even our sense of if anything is actually safe.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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